Female – 2 years old

Hi There! My name is Angel. I am active pup who loves to play. I’m a small girl, so my foster mom calls me a pocket pittie. My best physical characteristic are my ears. They are large, floppy and hear all your secrets – don’t worry, I won’t tell.

I am smart and a quick learner. I am both potty and kennel trained. When it’s time to go to my kennel, I cry for a little bit because I would much rather be out with my humans, but it doesn’t take me long to settle down. I love learning new tricks – so far, I have mastered: sit, shake and name recall. I’m currently working on lay down, stay and sit pretty. As the weather gets nicer, I have been outside practicing my leash manners. I am very good on my leash when using my gentle leader. Did I tell you that I’m in school? I’m currently in Level 1 Obedience and I love it! My favorite part of school is seeing my friends but I also like working on new skills with my foster parents. The teacher says I’ll graduate to Level 2 soon!

I really enjoy meeting new people and making friends. I love to play with the neighbor kids in my backyard. The youngest is three-years-old. We run around together and play fetch. I have three foster siblings that I’m living with right now – 1 brother and 2 sisters. One of my sisters is an old lady kitty. I’d really like to play with her, but she doesn’t like young dogs like me so my foster mom is teaching me how to respect the kitty’s space. My other two foster siblings are dogs like me and I love to play with them! If I get too annoying though, my foster brother tells me to leave him alone so I go play with my toys instead.

My dream forever family is active – one that would take me on long walks and adventures. I would love a family that includes me in all the outdoor activities! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start our adventure together!

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