Male – 1 years old

Hi! My name is Alfie!

I am a big, goofy, grey boy. I am a very happy go lucky guy and I love meeting new people! I also like playing with other dogs. One of my most favorite things to do is cuddle. I like to plop down right next to foster mom and snore away!

I was adopted from Save a Bull as a little boy but was returned recently because I didn't do well with the cats. My foster mom also has a cat who I have never had an issue with! We've even cuddled, but don't tell the other dogs.

My manners need a little work but I am a very good boy. I am kennel and potty trained but have had a few accidents with foster mom. I just needed time to figure out where I should pee here. At night, I usually sleep on a doggy bed next to foster mom's bed. Sometimes, she lets me climb up and sleep with her too. I am working on obedience and currently know "sit" and "come". I would definitely like to take some training classes with my forever family. I walk okay on a leash but hopefully I'll do better with a harness and not pull as much. I am very treat motivated so training me shouldn't be too difficult.

Like I said before, I love other dogs and currently live with a small dog and a medium dog along with a cat. I am pretty submissive to all of them. The smaller dog and I play a bunch but the other dog mostly just ignores me and that's ok. I like to wrestle and sometimes I even win! I'm getting used to walks but foster mom takes LONG walks and I don't really like those. My paws are still soft so they can burn in this hot weather! 

Why should you adopt me? Silly hoomans, because I'm the BEST! I'm pretty mellow and low maintenance. I love cuddles and I promise to work on the snoring. Just a short walk for me and I'll be snoozing for hours. I love other dogs and cats, and, duh, hoomans. I just need a comfy bed, maybe some tasty bones, a few treats and I'm a happy boy. The most important thing that I need, though, is a family. I'm ready!

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