Female – 2 years old

Hi! My name is Ash! I’m new to Minnesota, but I really like it here so far. I’m looking for my forever family. Could that be you? I sure hope so. I am a super chill puppy, who just likes to be around my people.

If you were my forever family, here is what a typical day would be for us:
1. We’d get up and have breakfast together.
2. We’d cuddle.
3. We’d play for a little while.
4. We’d cuddle.
5. We’d go for a walk and then have lunch.
6. We’d cuddle until dinnertime.
7. We’d play for a little while after dinner (maybe about 15 minutes).
8. Finally, we’d cuddle until bedtime.

I’m not sure if you got this from our day together, but I sure like to cuddle. It’s my favorite word. My second favorite is treats! I’d do just about anything for a treat. I just want to make you happy.

Guess what? I’m pretty much potty trained. And my foster momma says that I am super good at getting into my crate whenever needed. Sometimes, I just go in and hang out (but only for a little while, because I’d rather be with my people). I also love spending time with my foster sister (a 3 year old pittie). I’ve learned so much from her. Since she’s the protector of the house, I just watch her when she barks at someone walking by. I also like spending time with the cat of the house, although she doesn’t seem to notice me very much.

I’m really good at sitting. I always sit for my treats.  I am also learning down and touch. I think I would do really well in an obedience class, because I would only focus on you.

My dream forever family would have another pup for me to be with, but I would also be really happy with just you. I just want someone to love me. Could that person be you?

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Jean Burke

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