Female – 2 years old

Hi Friend – I’m Attina, which is a variant name for the Athena – the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Although I’m still too little to live up to the title, I’m quickly learning what it means to kindly coexist with all the wonderful humans and pups around.

Since I’m new to the world, I’m still small and don’t think I’ll grow much past medium size which makes me a perfect addition to any family. Because I’m so little, I make sure to use my big girl voice to let you know what my needs are (or to tell the mailman to stay far away).

Every time I go on a walk, people seem to fall in love with my big, pointy ears! I’m doing a great job learning leash manners. However, sometimes I get distracted by all the new smells, so I hope my forever family continues to have patience in reminding me to slow down. I also know that I go potty outside and rarely have accidents inside. I am learning basic obedience and would love to continue learning with my forever family. So far, I’ve learned how to sit, stay and be polite (aka not go near food or treats until I’m given permission). I am working on becoming more comfortable in my kennel… my biggest fear is closed spaces, so the more room I have to move around the better!

I had a rough encounter with another dog when I was a baby, so I tend to seek human attention way more than my kind. I know dogs well enough that if I see any signs that they don’t want to be approached, I’ll make sure to keep my distance. I currently live with a large teenage pit/lab mix and she is my favorite to play with. She also teaches me doggie etiquette. Because of our adventures together, I would love it if my forever family had another dog so I can continue to play and follow their lead.

When I’m not playing with my foster fur sister, I am curled up right on top of my humans. I don’t require much attention when it comes to petting, as long as I have full contact with my humans, I’m a happy girl.

Like my namesake, I am quickly finding the wisdom of how to adjust to everyone’s moods and needs. If my foster sister is tired and wants to cuddle, I will lend my body as a pillow. If my humans want to play, I will lend my baby growls and white paws. And if my humans need me to listen, I will perk my big, pointy ears up and try to figure out what they’re telling me. I’m still a pup and will mess up sometimes, but that’s okay because I know my forever home will be full of love, patience, kindness, and laughter.


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