Female – 2 years old

Hi, I’m Arista! Nice to meet you. I came to rescue with my sisters and brother. We were named after the Little Mermaid, have you seen it?  We should watch it together!

I have the kindest, more innocent eyes that will make your heart melt when you first see me. I haven't quite grown into my tail yet, which is constantly wagging because I'm always happy! I am ALWAYS ready for more playtime and whether it's a new toy, cardboard box, or tug of war with my leash, I'm always looking for the next source of fun.

Right now, I am working on potty training. I am very good about signaling when I need to go potty. My foster mom takes me to the yard where I promptly do my business. I am extremely food-driven which makes potty training easier on both me and my foster ma! I am getting very good at going to my kennel. I’ve started to associate my kennel with yummy treats so who wouldn’t want to go in there? My foster ma says I will be a dream to train since I am motivated by so many different things. Of course, food motivates me the most, but I also love the extra attention I get whenever I do something right!

I have never met any cats, but I live with two rabbits. I really want to be friends with them, but they keep hopping away from me! This makes me want to chase them, which they don’t seem to like very much. I want to be friends with everyone, so I would probably annoy any animals that isn't very playful.

I currently have a foster fur brother. He’s a bit older and blind… so he doesn’t seem to like my playful puppy energy too much. But boy do I want to play with him! I’ve learned to be pretty submissive since my foster bro is so dominate. He’s put me in my place a few times but I’m still very brave and try to play with anything and everything. My all-time favorite activity is tug-of-war but I also love playing with my toys. I love anything I can chew, but I especially love my stuffed tiger than squeaks.

I am the best puppy in the whole wide world because I always want to be near my humans no matter how much energy I have. I can fit in with just about anyone who is willing to play with me because I love everyone I meet. My dream family is one that loves me as much as I love them. My dream day would probably consist of free reign in a field of empty paper towel rolls to rip apart and squeaky toys to play with, followed by other dogs to wrestle with, unlimited treats and my forever family telling me what a good girl I am.

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