Female – 2 years old

Hi, I’m Aquata! I am new to Minnesota but so far, I love it here! I came all the way from Indiana with my litter mates in hopes of finding our forever homes. I hope I find my forever family soon!

I’m a spunky little lady with the perfect combination of sweet and sass. I like to speak my mind and make sure my humans always know what I want. When I want cuddle, I run to my foster ma and jump until I get my cuddles. I love giving kisses and snuggling with my humans, but like any pup… I also have lots of energy too!

I’m a smart pup and love learning new things. Right now, I am learning how to go potty outside and to be quiet in my kennel. I am also learning how to heal during walks and how to sit for treats. I am really good on a leash and I love going for walks. I’m still pretty little… but I would love to go to training classes someday! I know I would do great, plus I hear you get lots of treats and I love those! I also like belly rubs… in case I forgot to mention that.

I love playing with and meeting new pups. I have a foster fur brother right now… he’s a lot bigger but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play with him! I like to wrestle with him and try to be dominant… but it’s so hard when everyone is so much bigger than I am! I also live with two box users… or cats as the humans call them. They don’t like to play with me but that doesn’t stop me from trying to catch them! My foster mom says it’s not nice to chase… but I’m just really curious about them and get so excited when I see them that I can’t help it!

My dream forever family is one that will play with me and love me forever. One that will take me on lots of walks and give me lots of treats! A family that loves getting kisses and exploring the big outdoors. I cannot wait to meet you, forever family! I hope you find me soon.



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