Female – 3 years old

Hi there! My name is Amber. I am named after my beautiful amber colored eyes which I use to mesmerize my foster parents into giving me lots of treats and play time. I was a stray and spent two weeks at the pound before Save-A-Bull rescued me. I am a very sweet girl just looking for my forever home so let me tell you why I am the perfect fit for you and your family!

For starters, I have SO much love to give. I love everyone and I especially love giving kisses. I’m a silly girl who will make you laugh. You may have noticed from my pictures that I have long legs and big paws. I am still getting used to my big body, so sometimes I crash into things. I love using my long legs to fly over several steps at a time!

I'm a smart girl and very quick learner. I go potty outside and let my foster mom know when it's time by sitting at the door. I enjoy my crate, but if I can hear people having fun without me, I will voice my displeasure so they know I’d rather join them. At night, I sleep in my crate without making a peep!

I have learned lots in my foster home and continue to learn something new each day. Treats are for sure my motivator, along with making my humans happy when I do as they say. I have started recognizing my name and will “come” when asked. I have learned to wait at open doors for approval and I have completely mastered "sit" and "down". Not to brag or anything, but I'm a pro on my leash. Sometimes, I'm so focused on healing that my foster mom can't get me to stop!

I currently have one fur roommate – a foster brother. He is a 3-year-old pit-mix and I love him oh so much. My favorite is when we snuggle. Sometimes he says “no” to snuggles, so I’ll follow his wishes by laying only as close as he will let me. We also enjoy playing together but sometimes we play a little too hard and I get a little too excited so my foster mom tells me when to take a break. Although I love playing with other dogs, I am also content with playing by myself or with my humans. I don’t have a ton of experience with children but I tend to be a bit wiggly and jumpy when excited, so I’d probably do best in a home without any tiny humans. Even though my wiggles and jumps are from pure happiness, I would hate to accidently knock over a tiny human.

I am a curious girl and I enjoy following my humans around to see what they’re up too. I like to get my nose right into the action… literally. I also like to play, snuggle, explore and chew on bones. I really like toys… ropes, balls, kongs and bones. They are all my favorite. I pretty much have fun with everything and everyone – as long as my family is there too!

I am most excited when I get to spend time with my people. When they come home after being away for a bit, I can’t control all the wiggles! I like to let them know how much I’ve missed them with lots and lots of kisses.

The best day ever would include lots of playtime with my forever family. It would also include lots and lots of toys followed by some outdoor adventures. My dream family is one that will give me lots of love and attention. I have so much love to share and I can’t wait to meet you!

Amber is sponsored by
Valerie Prill,
in memory of her brother


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