Male – 2 years old

Single male, athletic, enthusiastic, with a lust for life. I enjoy walks and hikes, exploring new territory, and I love, love, love car rides. I’m crate trained, potty trained, treadmill trained, know all the basic commands (sit, down, shake, wait, stay, back) and I’m a really good leash walker. I’m really smart and like to be physically and mentally challenged every day.

At the end of a busy day I like to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and a movie, and I cuddle up tight in bed for a good night’s sleep. I’m sweet and gentle and know how to show my favorite people just how much I love them.

I’m looking for a forever friend that’s as active as I am and someone with a little dog experience who will enjoy continuing my training. I’ve already finished Classic Obedience Level 1, Obedience Level 1.5 Impulse Control, and I’m currently enrolled in Dog Socialization class and FITDogs Day Camp. I really shine when I’m working hard and I’d love to keep training and learning new skills!

I'm very digitally social, follow my adventures and chat me up on my Instagram or Facebook page!

I also have a lot of personality and I have the tendency to be dog reactive, so if you already have a dog friend, we’ll have to be the right fit. Cat lovers need not apply.

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