Male – 2 years old

Hi! I'm Azure but my good friends call me Little Buddy. Boy oh boy, do I love having friends!! I'm a very social guy and I really enjoy going for walks, playing in the backyard and hanging out on patios in my free time. I also LOVE car rides. Those are the best.

I love to play with other dogs, especially my foster fur brother. He’s a dog like me! He’s a bit older and pretty lazy though, so he typically heads to his bed for a nap while I keep playing by myself. I would love to have a playful dog sibling in my forever home!

I am learning lots in my foster home! I am officialy potty trained. Yippee! As long as you don’t forget to take me out when I sit at the door, you won’t have any accidents in the house. This makes my foster mom happy, which makes me happy. I am also learning about my kennel. I know that it’s a safe place for me to hangout while my humans are away and also where I sleep at night. I happily go into my kennel in exchange for a few treats. Although I would rather be out and about all the time, I’m pretty quiet in my kennel, especially when I know my humans are sleeping.

My dream family consists of love, laughter and lots of kisses. We could play fetch in the backyard on hot summer days and curl up on the couch during cold winter nights. We could be best buddies, exploring this crazy world together!

Am I the perfect match for you? Let’s find out!

Yours truly,
Little Buddy

Azure is sponsored by
Alice Suchomel Olson
in honor of her dogs Georgie and Scarlett

If you'd like to sponsor a dog, please click here.

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