Female – 2 years old

Sweet Arya was named after a tough little character on our favorite show, Game of Thrones. Little did we know just how much she would completely own that name. 
Arya came to us as a teeny tiny broken little gal. At 10 weeks old, she already experienced a bad injury and entry into rescue life. She has been on kennel rest to heal a broken leg since we got her. After about 3 days in our home, her spirit soared. Arya is not slowed down one bit by her leg and she is feisty and fierce. For a little gal, this dog has a huge heart and the ability to take on 10 pitties!  She is truly a warrior and has the attitude to back it up.
Arya got her first real walk the other day and couldn't wait to hit the pavement. She wants to jog, but we keep her paced to avoid injury. She really loves to engage other pups, so if she gets to have brother or sister canines, they should be tolerant of a tiny ray of sunshine wanting to bounce all over them. She is also very interested in playing with kitties, but doesn't enjoy being smacked in the face by them so will just sit and bark to let them know she won't back down. She has a pile of toys here and plays with them all, or sleeps amongst them when too tired to keep going. 
Arya kennels very well.  We keep her in a large dog kennel because of her restrictions, which gives her one side for potty pads, other for bedding. Her attention span is short, so we feed her in kennel so she can graze at her leisure in privacy.  She gets time outs when she gets too playful and will go in and eat and nap very well, this helps keep her energy from exploding on her little broken leg.  She is very good about going potty outside.  I can't recall the last time she went in kennel, she barks to let us know she needs a potty break. She is tethered when out of kennel and also barks when its time. If we don't pick up on her warning, an accident happens,  but diligence on our end keeps that at bay.  We take her for walks in yard hourly and she always potties for us. 
Arya is a smart, sweet, fierce little pup.  She likes to use her mouth a lot, so chew toys are a must. I see her doing very well in any environment where she will get plenty of attention and love. She will do very well to have furry siblings because she loves something to play with.  Her cuddles are quite addicting and will be loved by her new forever home. This character of a puppy deserves a place to shine and she can't wait to meet her new family!

Arya is sponsored by
Tami Herrmann,
in memory of Michael

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