Sponsored in Memory of Alyssa Winters
Male – 3 years old

Hi, I’m Alex! I came to Save-a-Bull all the way from Indiana where I was found as a stray with a case of mange. You can see in some of my photos how far I have come since coming into rescue with little hair! Now I have very handsome black fur that really makes my chestnut brown eyes stand out. Foster mom tells me that I could be a dog model with my coloring!

Guess what!? I am FULLY potty trained! I am working on sit, down and off. I’m still a puppy so I do like to jump up to show my people some love, but I am learning that people don’t always love that. I am also working on kennel training. At night I sleep in my kennel but I don’t love it yet. As long as I get a few treats, I’m pretty sure I can learn anything! Treats are definitely my favorite!

I currently live with three other dogs ranging from 15 lbs to 75 lbs. I do well with all of them, but I do have some crazy puppy energy moments that they have to tolerate. I have met a kitty before and I wasn't a fan.  Dogs rule, cats drool!  My favorite game is to play tug-o-war. Hopefully my forever family is strong so that we can play that all the time!

My dream forever family will love me unconditionally and let me snuggle with them. They also should have lots of treats and toys in the house so that I can continue to learn tricks and have lots of play time! I also hope that my new forever family enjoys my wiggle butt dance because I do it for everything!


Alex is sponsored by
Josh Trutwin
in memory of Alyssa Winters

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