Female - 3 years old
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Hi, my name is Josephine, but I go by Jo Jo. I am a very spirited, fun, silly girl.  I love to lay in the sun and play fetch.  Sometimes I even bring the ball back! 

I am excellent riding in cars, walking on the leash, running along a bike and even a skateboard too.  I am crate and potty trained and I know all the usual tricks such as sit, lay down, stay, come (when I'm feeling generous), shake, and I do the cutest trick for treats where I put both my paws in the air when you say "up!"

I love kids and most people too, however I need time to warm up to strangers slowly on my own.  I'm not sure how I feel about cats, since I've never met one.  I like other dogs when I see them out and about but I need to be in a single dog house. I want to be your one and only! I can easily be overstimulated by lots of noise, activity, and sometimes touch and I get a little sassy and bossy. 

I really dislike the vacuum cleaner and being towel dried. I would do well in a calm home with good routines and a family who can remind me that I'm not the big boss.

This past year I kicked kibble for real food.  I love chicken, liver, eggs, coconut milk, sweet potato, rice, and cabbage among many other things.  However, I am also a big fan of used kleenex and anything from the compost heap when the opportunity arises.  So, I'm really not all that picky either.  I am highly motivated by food and could probably learn just about anything for a decent treat.

I sleep in a dog bed on the floor next to the people, but getting invited into the big bed for snuggles, tooting, and getting the white patches on my underside scratched is the BEST!  You know you want to be the one to make my back leg go crazy during scratches!

Josephine is sponsored by
Andy A.
in memory of his dog, Nellie.


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