Male – 3 years old

Hello, my name is Adrian, baby A, Ade-N. I’m a very handsome little man with lots of character & charm. I traveled with my fellow Olympic teammates all the way from Indiana to lovely Minnesota. I’m sure to win your heart like I managed to win Gold in Rio. I love practicing new routines with various toys, but my favorite job is going to the office with my foster mom and shredding all the important paperwork on the floor. I take this job very serious and I know she appreciates my help. I enjoy having jobs and routines which includes frequent naps and cuddles. Currently you could say I’m in training camp since my fellow teammates and I split up. I have 3 human coaches and 3 new fur-teammates (15lb Jack Russell Terrier, 75lb Pitbull, and 68lb Bulldog) and everyone enjoys teaching me new tricks. I’m learning everything from where to find the treats, trying to understand ‘sit’, running laps in the back yard, but the one thing I’m most proud of is called ‘potty’ training. I rarely have accidents in training facility. I love sleeping in my kennel, but still wake up in the night for a quick trip outside. See, I prefer to keep my kennel very clean and tidy. My favorite evening routine is cuddling on the couch and watching TV with my humans. I’d love for you to reach out to a member of Save-A-Bull to arrange a time for me to show you the skills I’ve learned and allow me to try out for your team.

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