Save-a-Bull Volunteers Go The Extra Mile to Make Clinics a Success

Save-a-Bull Volunteers Go The Extra Mile to Make Clinics a Success

When we decided to launch the Fix Your Pit spay/neuter clinics, we partnered with Kindest Cut – a low-cost veterinary provider that now operates as part of the AHS in Golden Valley. Obviously we are passionate about these clinics so when we were asked to assist on the days of our clinics, volunteers jumped at the opportunity to help!

A group of nine volunteers showed up to help at each of our four clinics. They took on a variety of jobs like greeting clients and helping them fill out registration paperwork. As they checked dogs into the clinic, they weighted each one and escorted them to their kennels to await surgery. Many clients did not have a regular experience with a veterinary office and were a bit nervous about leaving their beloved dogs, so a big part of the process was helping reassure them that their dogs would be fine and that they were doing the best thing for the dogs they love!



“I loved talking to the owners while they brought their dogs in. Most of them just wanted to know they were going to be okay.”

CAROL, Save-a-Bull Volunteer

“These owners genuinely cared about their dogs – there were lots of hugs and kisses before we took their dog into the back!”

MACKENZIE, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


While the staff prepped dogs and performed the spay and neuter surgeries, volunteers assisted with cleaning surgical equipment, laundry, making ID tags for the dogs who got vaccines and anything else the surgical team needed. As dogs came out of surgery, volunteers used hot bean bags and blankets to keep their body temperatures up. And when they started to wake up, the dogs got lots of cuddling and reassurance to get on their feet and walk off the anesthesia.


“The staff at the clinic really stood out to me. They knew the name and other details of every dog. They really cared about the dogs and would tell us who was shy, cuddly, etc. It made me feel good about the work they do.”

JESS, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


“My favorite part was helping the pups wake up. I also enjoyed watching the surgical process. It was very interesting.”

CASSIE, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


Once the surgeries were complete, and the dogs were awake and alert, their owners began to come back for them. Each owner got a full recap of the pre-surgical exam and complete post-op care instructions. They were happy to see their dogs and the dogs were certainly happy to see them too!



“Clients were so nervous at first but really grateful once they realized the experience was a smooth one.”

LORELEI, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


Animal Humane Society’s Kindest Cut program is a full service veterinary office that offers low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, wellness services, and dental care to cats, dogs and rabbits belonging to families with limited means. When we partner with them, we cover the full cost of spay/neuter, vaccines and microchips for pit bull owners who sign up for our select clinic dates. It is our hope that we also bring awareness that low-cost veterinary options are available, so everyone has the resources to care for their pets.



“For families who are financially limited, ensuring their animals can be spayed and neutered is invaluable.”

Jeanette, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


Each of our four clinics this year was completely booked. In total we spayed or neutered 81 dogs and helped set their owners up with a positive experience and information about proper veterinary care for their pets. It was extremely gratifying to meet and talk to the people in our community and to offer this assistance to those who really want the best for their pets and care about making a difference in not only the lives of their own pets, but for the breed in general.



“The more people in these communities who we can educate the more they can hopefully educate others.

BETH, Save-a-Bull Volunteer



“I’d love to see us be able to do MORE clinics!”

HOLLY, Save-a-Bull Volunteer


Because the clinics were so overwhelmingly well received, we knew we had to find a way to host more clinics next year, so we’ve put the wheels in motion and have six clinics already scheduled for 2017:

February 11, April 8, June 10, August 12, October 14 and December 9. Watch for these dates to be added to our schedule and for booking of appointments to open up a month or two before each date!

Of course our goal on Give to the Max Day is to raise the money needed to cover all these clinics now. Please help us with a donation today – thank you!

Thanks to you, Save-a-Bull has had the opportunity to rescue and rehome a lot of deserving dogs this year. But that’s not enough! Supporting spay and neuter assistance programs for our community will promote responsible dog ownership and breed advocacy which is an important part of the work we’re trying to do every day. Donate today and be a part of our Fix Your Pit program!


On the count of three say “Cheese”…oops!

On the count of three say “Cheese”…oops!

In the category of “Not as Easy as it Sounds” you can add put your dog in a photo booth to the list.

At Sociable Cider Werks, a recent stop on our 2016 Summer Brewery Tour, we were fortunate to have had FotoGenic stop by with a photo booth. It was all set to take cute pictures of guests and their dogs and we were really excited!

Well, clearly getting your dog to pose for and appreciate the photo opp was harder than it sounded. But it did make for a few hilarious out takes, take a look:




PhotoBooth3 PhotoBooth4

We could just say “lesson learned” and move on, but it’s very likely that we’ll try the photo booth again at another event soon. In the mean time, make it a point to check out an upcoming brewery tour event and bring your dog for a little fun and games. Our next stop is this coming Thursday at Sisyphus Brewing. Proceeds from each event benefit Save-a-Bull so it’s a fun way to hang out, socialize and support rescue!


Click here for full details and upcoming events.


Thank you FotoGenic for the super-easy entertainment! If you’re looking for a photo booth to add some fun to your next event, we highly recommend them!

Rescue supporters celebrated spring at the Cabin Fever Reliever

Rescue supporters celebrated spring at the Cabin Fever Reliever

Nothing gets us Minnesotans out of the house faster than a taste of the early spring season. After months of hiding inside we’re dying to get outside, stretch our legs and enjoy some fresh air – and our dogs are too! Almost 200 people did just that and came to the Butcher and the Boar on Sunday, March 13 for our first ever Cabin Fever Reliever fundraising event.

Outside on the covered patio rescue supporters enjoyed food and drink and music and brought their dogs along for the fun. People and pups socialized while they browsed the silent auction and raffle table and met our adoptable dogs.

Butcher and the Boar was kind enough to not only open their doors to us on a Sunday afternoon but to donate 100% of sausage sales to benefit the rescue – we can’t thank them enough! We also send our thanks to the dozens of local businesses for the generous silent auction and raffle donations that made this an incredibly fun and successful event:

The Beauty Room Solitaire Dogs-an alternative dog daycare
Surly Brewery Amore Uptown Italian Restaurant
Solitaire Dogs, an alternative dog daycare Kyatchi Japanese Restaurant
Lucky Dog Pet Lodge Hola Arepas Restaurant
Lagunitas Brewing company Third Bird
Bubbly Paws Barbette
Integrity Dental Care Bryant Lake Bowl
St. Paul Saints Tintos Cocina + Cantina Resturaunt
MN Ink Red Stag
Vet Partners Pet Hospital Cub Foods
Jennifer Davis Pat’s Tap
Surdyk’s Witch Hat Candles

And of course it just can’t happen without the help and support of our amazing volunteers who worked hard before and during the event to make sure everyone had a great time!

While a lot of money was raised for rescue, the true highlight of the day was the connection made between Butcher and the Boar event coordinator, Courtney, and our own adoptable dog, Tyson. Sparks flew the moment they met and Courtney knew he had to become apart of her family. She adopted him this week. Congratulations!

Courtney, her fiance Scott, and Ox English Bulldog Ox welcome Tyson to their family!

Courtney, her fiance Scott, and their English Bulldog Ox welcome Tyson to their family!


Fix Your Pit clinics are helping support the community

Fix Your Pit clinics are helping support the community

In February, we held our first Fix Your Pit free spay/neuter clinic. Partnering with Kindest Cut, we’ve launched a program to help families with pit bulls and pit mixes spay or neuter their dogs. The Fix Your Pit program focuses on the importance of spay and neuter for a dog’s health and behavior benefits, but also as a way to help minimize euthanasia rates of pit bulls and improve the health of our communities.

Fifteen dogs took part in the February 13 clinic. Save-a-Bull volunteers were on hand to help the Kindest Cut staff care for these dogs.


Our next clinic is right around the corner on April 2, 2016 and two more clinics are scheduled to take place in 2016. Help spread the word about these dates so more families can take advantage of the free services to spay or neuter their dogs. Click here to see our schedule.

These clinics are made possible by the generous support of our community. All funds were raised on Give to the Max Day in November of 2015.


Rescue & Running: Both are tough, but worth the effort

Rescue & Running: Both are tough, but worth the effort

by Lacy Schramm, Co-director, Save-a-Bull Rescue

Me and Baby Lola, 2008.

I would never consider myself an athlete. I never really enjoyed sports, and never played on any varsity teams. My usual line was, “I will only run if someone is chasing me.” Exercise was a dirty word back then. However adopting my first dog, Lola, in 2008 started a fitness revolution in my life and led my husband and I into the rescue world.

That might sound a bit dramatic, but adopting a dog was truly the catalyst that changed the health of my family. Jake and I started walking Lola every day and venturing out for hikes on the weekends.

In 2010 I signed up to run my first 5k with a friend. At the time I couldn’t even run for two minutes straight. I certainly wasn’t a runner. Gradually building up endurance and mileage through the Couch to 5k plan, I was able to complete that first race with minimal walking. It was tough, but I did it and felt proud for doing it. Over the next few months I continued the running plan and stepped up to a 10k, which I liked even better. Jake joined me and we ran our first half marathon together in 2012.

A funny thing happened- somewhere along the way I started to really enjoy running. Not just the sense of accomplishment when it was over, but I actually enjoyed the entire run. I started looking forward to my runs and feeling frustrated when I missed them. Who was I? Well, apparently I turned into a runner. 25-year-old me would never believe it was possible.

Cisco ran the Fast and Furry in 2010.

Cisco ran the Fast and Furry in 2010.

Running is also something I can do with my dogs, and it’s great for them too. Most of the time I choose to run with a dog, especially my energetic foster dogs. I ran my first  Fast & the Furry race with Cisco, a foster-dog in a wheelchair (talk about inspirational; what excuses did I have for not running?)! Since then we have run a few Fast & the Furry races and sponsored a TC10k team of Save-a-Bull volunteers. Every Thanksgiving, Jake and I run the Turkey Day 5K through downtown Minneapolis, and a few Save-a-Bull volunteers and dogs have joined us along the way.

Rescue can change a dog’s life, but getting a dog can change your life as well. Looking back at all the choices I’ve made in my life, adopting Lola was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I have the before and after photos to prove it.

I’m personally inviting you to run or walk with Save-a-Bull Rescue at the 2016 Fast & the Furry 5k/8k event. Whether you sign up to walk your dog, or try the Couch to 5k program and run the 5k with us, the community and dogs in rescue will benefit. Register today and set up your fundraising page to collect donations for Save-a-Bull. Then show up for a fun, fast and furry morning to benefit the rescue community.


May 21, 2016 • Harriet Island, St. Paul

The Fast & the Furry 5k is less than three months away! Join our team and help raise money to support pit bull rescue and services at Save-a-Bull. How do you get involved?

1. REGISTER for the Fast & the Furry here:
Click here to register >

All registered human participants will get a race shirt.
All registered canine participants will get a bandana.
Participants registered by April 24 will get a custom race bib with their name and their dog’s name.

2. CREATE A FUNDRAISING PAGE as part of the Save-a-Bull team
Click here to set up your fundraising page >

Note from Event Organizers:
Be sure to include your NAME (the same that you registered with) on your fundraising page so we know who to credit. You must have already registered to participate in the Fast and the Furry 8K or 5K9 to earn incentives. Fundraising incentive prizes will be calculated based on online donations made to your page by May 18th. Any donations received at the event will be accepted by not counted towards prizes and the announced total at the event.

3. START COLLECTING PLEDGES from friends and family!
Fast & the Furry awards prizes at different pledge levels, learn more.

PLUS: If you reach $400 in pledges for Team Save-a-Bull we will give you a coupon for 40% off all Save-a-Bull merchandise you purchased at the event!

We look forward to seeing you and your dog at this fun event in May.

#PetHappens Campaign hopes to generate $100,000 for the BISSELL Pet Foundation

#PetHappens Campaign hopes to generate $100,000 for the BISSELL Pet Foundation

We recently shared a story about a couple Save-a-Bull puppies, Lydia and Zayda, that hit the big time being cast in a commercial shoot for carpet cleaning giant, BISSELL. More details are finally available as we find out that BISSELL plans to air the spot on Sunday, February 7 at 3:00pm during the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Here’s a peek at the promo:


BISSELL is planning to use the huge popularity of the Puppy Bowl to boost awareness for it’s #PetHappens fundraising campaign, with the goal to raise $100,000 for the BISSELL Pet Foundation that provides financial support to shelters and rescues like ours.

For every pet photo that’s shared on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PetHappens, BISSELL will donate $5 to the foundation!


Bissell TwitterThe donation period runs from January 25 to March 21, 2016 so you can start contributing to the fundraising goal today. Simply post a photo of your pet on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #PetHappens.

Then follow @BISSELLclean on Twitter and Instagram to see all the fun that’s unfolding. Make sure to head over to on February 7 for the big launch and to see a live feed of submitted Twitter photos.

Don’t forget to tag us @saveabullmn or hashtag #saveabullmn to show some extra love for your favorite pittie rescue!

Here are the basic rules:
• Campaign runs from 9:00 am CST on January 25, 2016 through 11:59 pm CST on March 31, 2016.

• Post photos of your pet on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PetHappens

• Limit one qualifying post per person per day

• Retweets or posts created through robotic devices or artifices will not qualify.

• All qualifying Twitter entries will be displayed on a live feed on Your entry will be attributed to you via a reference to your Twitter username.

For complete official rules, terms and conditions, click here.

Save-a-Bull Rescue is a member of the Bissell Partners for Pets program and can benefit from their grants and perks. When you purchase pet products on and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of the purchase will be donated to Save-a-Bull!