Foster Care Gets Even More Personal

Foster Care Gets Even More Personal

The past couple weeks have been hard ones for two dogs in rescue – and for their foster families.

Spiral, a 14 week old puppy recently underwent surgery to amputate a deformed front leg, and Ravioli, who’s been in rescue for over a year, fell ill to an ongoing neurological issue/injury. Both dogs are getting all the care they need thanks to Save-a-Bull’s ability to pay for surgery, MRI’s, exams, medications and more.

The foster’s for these dogs have already gone above and beyond to get them to appointments, keep up complicated schedules of medication, and attend to their recovery in their homes. In addition to that, they’ve both set up personal fundraisers on Facebook to try and raise money to recoup some of the expenses the rescue is paying out for their treatments.

Lorelei Noire, Save-a-Bull Foster Manager, and her husband Ian, SAB Vetting Manager and board member, are caring for Spiral. When Spiral arrived in rescue we knew her leg would need to be amputated, but she also needed some TLC to gain weight and get healthy before hand. Ian and Lorelei took care of Spiral and got her ready for the big day. Now post-surgery they are helping her recover and adjust to her new life as a tripod. You can read her story and donate to her fundraiser here:

Nan Hildebrandt, Save-a-Bull Marketing Manager and board member, and her husband Todd, SAB Brewery Tour Manager, have been fostering Ravioli for more than a year. A young dog with crazy high energy, Ravioli has been a non-stop challenge to keep up with until he suddenly presented with all-over body pain and loss of energy. Nan and Todd have taken Ravioli to multiple late-night emergency vet visits looking for answers and are working day and night to keep him comfortable while he stays on four weeks of strict kennel rest. Read more about Ravioli’s condition and donate to his care here:

Save-a-Bull is fortunate to be stable enough to cover the medical costs of illness and surgeries, both planned and surprised. But as the money for care goes out, it has to come back in so we’re ready for the next dog who needs us. We are so very grateful for foster families like these that go above and beyond the physical care of our dogs, but also help us address the financial needs as well.

If you want to help, please consider a donation to either Spiral or Ravioli’s medical expense fund, or with an overall donation to Save-a-Bull Rescue. Every dollar counts and no amount is too small!

Everything we do for these dogs is possible because of the support of our community. Together we’re able to make a difference in these lives and in countless others to come! Thank you for your support and for sharing our passion.

Are you compassionate and caring and interested in being a part of our foster network? We promise not all cases are this hard! We’re looking for loving families to care for puppies and dogs who are waiting to find their forever homes. We’ll provide everything you need and you’ll be paid in puppy kisses and gratitude. Click here to find out more then fill out a foster application to get the process started.

Adult dogs: the hidden gems of rescue

Adult dogs: the hidden gems of rescue

Everyone loves puppies! We love their whole body wiggles, their soft fur, and even their puppy breath. But in rescue, we don’t discriminate by age. We take in dogs of all ages and give them a second chance at finding their forever family. Save-a-Bull currently has 10 dogs seven month and older. Now that we have your attention with all this Give to the Max Day excitement, let us share a little more information about our adoptable adults!

Sweet Hallie has been with us for over a year. This adorable “white buffalo” as she is affectionately called around Save-a-Bull, is just over 4 years old. She is a master at entertaining herself! She loves toys and will toss them in the air before gracefully galloping after them. She can entertain herself for hours with play time! But, once playtime is over, she makes a beeline to the couch where she demands a snuggle time with her fosters.

Linus is a one-year-old tripod! Prior to coming to rescue, Linus experienced broken bones in his leg that required an amputation. However, only three legs can’t slow this boy down! This summer, Linus could usually be found in his foster’s pool. He loved having his toys thrown into the pool where he could swim over to retrieve them. Once he gathers them all, he brings them back to his humans and waits for them to be thrown back in so he can get back to swimming!

Jill, also known as Jillybean to her fosters, is a two year old sweetheart who has been in rescue since March.  Jill is a HUGE fan of her squeaky toys! She loves to chase them, chew them, shake them, and carry them around the house with her. While doing so, she squeaks the songs of her people the entire way! Her fosters are endlessly entertained by her playtime. We are sure, if Jill were a part of your family, there would never be a dull moment!

Ravioli is a mischievous little spit fire that loves to explore the world around him. At eight months old, he’s an excitable and fun-loving dude! In exchange, he will happily give you unlimited kisses, Netflix and chill, long lazy weekend mornings in bed, and the ability to learn tricks in a snap! He also loves car rides, brewery patios, and is a certified foodie who hasn’t met a snack he didn’t like. This boy is smart and funny, is great company, and could very possibly be your best friend ever!

Royal is a sweet 8 month old pup who came to rescue in May. He has a lot of personality and enjoys being near his people! He wants to be as close to you as possible. He is a unique pup as he is one of the only dogs from our rescue that has part hairless breed – and he’s also a leftie! Still looking for his forever home…



Coral is a 3 and a half year old, white pittie who LOVES her foster family and their kids! The children in the house love to keep her entertained with her toys and Coral is happy to oblige. However, she also enjoys her downtime as well. She is the sweetest snuggler. She has even been known to pick snuggling with her foster family over the delicious smells of bacon cooking in the kitchen.


Vince is the oldest of our available adults at 5 and a half years young! Vince loves to show his love to his fosters by drenching them with kisses and snuggling his face as close to theirs as possible. This pitties is definitely going to need snuggles in the winter as he was unimpressed by his first snow experience. He saw the white stuff and ran his brown butt right back into the house! Vince would love a forever family to help keep him warm and loved this winter.

All of these older dogs are available for adoption. Did you see one that would be the perfect addition to your family? Fill out an application today!

Linus, Royal, Hallie photos by Tangerine House of Design

When puppies need support, no one delivers like YOU!

When puppies need support, no one delivers like YOU!

It’s been a puppy-filled few months for Save-a-Bull Rescue! In December, pregnant mama Perdy gave birth to eight babies. Just as they were old enough to move to solid foods, we took in another litter of eight. Then, two weeks later, yet another 10 puppies came to rescue!

Since nutrition at this young age is extra-important, we needed to get enough food to feed these growing pups ASAP. We put out a plea on Facebook, asking anyone who wanted to help feed these puppies to  consider shopping from our Amazon Wish List. Well, a few days later we were bombarded with food, treats, toys and well wishes from many supporters. We can’t thank you enough for sending these special gifts! 

Two days in a row, the UPS man left us big deliveries.

We LOVE the notes that come with our Amazon Wish List packages!

Food is the single largest expense to rescue, and with this many little mouths to feed, the costs were stacking up. Your donations take that burden off our shoulders and let us focus on the care and placement of the many young lives that are depending on us.

As always, we can’t do any of this without your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts – and so do the puppies!

Food and supplies are always needed and greatly appreciated! If you want to send a gift to a dog in rescue, please shop from our Amazon Wish List.

And don’t forget to use our Amazon Smile link every time you shop at Amazon – 5% of your purchase is donated to rescue every time you shop!

Feature photo by Tangerine House of Design

We “Heart” Our Fosters

We “Heart” Our Fosters

Foster families. They are the center, the heart, of rescue. We can’t do anything without their caring, commitment and undying support. No dog can come into rescue if we don’t have a place to keep them, and our foster families open up their doors again and again to make sure we can keep saying “yes!’ to dogs who need us.

And fostering is incredibly rewarding to the people who care for, and grow to love, the dogs that pass through rescue. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked fosters “What makes your foster dog love-a-bull?” and they told us what they love about the dog they currently have in their home. You’ve seen these posted on Facebook all month, but here they are again, all in one place, for a powerful look at why fostering is so important both to rescue, and to the families who take dogs in as their own.

We 💖 Jeff & Alexa

What makes Remi love-a-bull?

When we get home, she’s so excited, that she’ll even help you untie your shoes! She gets really excited for treats that her tail will go so fast and she can’t contain how happy she is.

Her floppy ears have a mind of their own. Depending on her mood, they’ll drastically change how they are positioned.

Remi is the perfect size, petite but muscular and she is beyond beautiful!

We 💖 Kristina (& Stewart)

What makes Stella love-a-bull?

Stella is the ultimate super sweet and cuddly pup. She always wants to be around us, she’ll get up from any nap just to follow us to the next room.
She loves snuggling up next to her foster brother or her humans in the middle of the night.

She loves attention and being touched. She expects constant belly rubs if you’re nearby or she’ll put her head under your hand so you can pet her.
She is a professional fetch player. She will find a ball or toy, drop it off for you and bring it back every single time. She won’t stop until you do.

She prefers to lay on top of us, not next to us.

She vocally tells us how she feels. When she needs to go outside she barks really softly and runs to the back door and she shows her excitement for walks and food with loud whimpering.

When you ask her if she’s ready for bed, she gets up from whatever she’s doing and walks to the bedroom and waits for someone to help her onto the bed or open the kennel door for her.

She gets herself comfortable in her kennel as soon as she sees us putting our coats on to leave. No need to ask her, she is just such a good girl!

We 💖 Jill & Ciara

What makes Syrtia so love-a-bull?

Her gray muzzle and beauty marks, which give her character, make her look more distinguished and wise, and command respect.

The way she grunts as she makes a nest in her blankets.

She loves to cuddle and will cuddle with the cats, the dogs as well as her humans.

Being greeted at the door with a wiggly butt and ball in her mouth.

Her gentle demeanor, and big pittie smile.

The way she uses her big pittie head to gently push up against you and tell you she wants some love and pets.

Her high fives, paw shakes, and other moves she uses to impress you in order to get some treats.

The way her butt wiggles and her eyes light up when she plays ball and will bring her ball back to you to throw again and again.

She’s an easygoing dog and is already potty trained, knows basic obedience commands and walks great on a leash.

She loves to ride in the car and is a great car rider.

She loves everyone and gives great kisses.

Despite her age, she still has lots of energy and lots of love to give.

Overall, she is just the best elderbull in the whole world!

We 💖 Tammy & Jillian

What makes Beaux love-a-bull?

Beaux has the sweetest face that you just can’t help falling in love with.

We also love that Beaux is an amazing cuddler!

Everyday when we get home, Beaux is ready and waiting to greet us with the best wiggle dance you have ever seen!

Even though he came to rescue with some leg issues, he doesn’t let that get in his way! Beaux is just a happy-go-lucky puppy.

We LOVE his kisses!

Beaux has the happiest personality that can brighten any mood. You just can’t help but smile when you are around this little guy!

We 💖 Ricardo

What makes Peetie love-a-bull?

Peetie is a complete and total ham. He has a very playful personality and a huge handsome smile. He’s intensely curious about the world and will keep you company while you work around the house.

He’s an energetic dog who loves to play fetch, go on runs or long walks and wrestle with his rope toy, but he is equally lazy and snuggly at home. His new favorite thing is to lie for hours on the recliner and watch very quietly from the window as people and cars go by. When he’s not in the recliner, Peetie likes to snuggle with resident dog, Sheba, too.

His affection is universal!

Peetie has been with us since August and his transformation has been incredible. He’s become quite comfortable and relaxed in a home setting with consistently-enforced boundaries and expectations. He used to be very insecure, following me from room to room and crying if he wasn’t in the same room. Now, he’ll take long naps in the living room while you roam about the house, and he’ll enter and stay in his crate quietly when you leave for work or extended periods.

We 💖 Cassie

What makes Jezebel love-a-bull?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
The first thing you want when I get home is a scratch.
You are “outspoken” and spunky.
When I get up in the morning you don’t let me, you lick my face and snuggle in for an extra five minutes before you will let me get out of bed.
You play so well with the kitty cat.
Every dog you meet in a normal environment you get along with.
You love little kids.
You are always a work in progress like me.
You love love love food.
I didn’t have to teach you to fetch you just knew.
You love to be outside.
You are a Class A snuggler.
You love to jump in the bathtub.
You will be so hard to let go when you find your forever family!

We 💖 Lori (& Peter)

What makes Perdy love-a-bull?

Perdy is “love-a-bull” because she was the underdog. The one who found herself pregnant in a shelter with a euthanize date.

We brought Perdy into our home and she fit in perfect with all of our dogs immediately. We have a very diverse pack including a dominant female queen of the house. Even our queen bee shared with and befriended the beautiful Perdy.

She is a loving family pet who almost didn’t get the chance to shine.

Since having her babies, Perdy has gone from being a wonderful momma dog back to the joys of being a happy-go-lucky dog. She loves to play with her toys, run with the dogs and just be the sweet love-a-ble girl she is.

Perdy is the perfect Valentine’s sweetheart!

We 💖 the Farrelly Family

What makes Hallie love-a-bull?

Little human Maddie:
She is so big and snuggly, I love my buffalo!

Little human Leighton:
Eye, ear, nose. (We think she’s beautiful too, Leighton!)

Foster Mom, Nicole:
I love how much she loves Leighton and Maddie. She gets very excited to wake them up each morning. There are times that she is impatient and will bop Maddie’s bedroom door open with her huge melon because I am not moving quick enough for her.

I love when she gets excited about something and flips on her back squirming on the floor with an upside down smile.

I love that she has presence, she sounds like a heard of elephants coming down the hall!

Foster Dad, Desmond:
I love that it doesn’t matter where she is in the house, if I sit down on the couch she is immediately next to me. Then she will proceed to nuzzle behind me, pushing me to the edge of the couch. If I change couches to give her more room, she does it again. She loves to be with her humans.

I love that she will find blankets and burrow in them snorting and rolling around like a boar.

We all love how much Hallie likes to make us happy; she likes to please her people and loves praise.

We 💖 Jolene & Steve

What makes Alex love-a-bull?

Alex loves to argue and stand his ground. You tell him to stop bugging his foster siblings, drop a toy or come to you when he feels he doesn’t need to listen and he will just talk right back to you, similar to your typical teenager. (Trust me, this is hilarious)

Alex is a major cuddler and loves to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV with us.

Boy does Alex love to give kisses. He knows he was saved from the streets of Indiana and shows his appreciation daily.

To think about the condition he arrived in, patchy fur and sickly looking, to healthy young man with a beautiful coat of fur has really made our hearts soar.

When Alex arrived he acted as if he had never experienced the joys of having a toy to play with. The experience of finding Alex a toy he connected with was such a rewarding experience. Now, he loves all toys!

Alex also acted as if he had never heard the word “treat” before. Trust me, this is no longer a hidden mystery to him!

We 💖 Jeanette

Roscoe has been adopted! But what did you love about fostering him?

He wakes me up by crawling over the bed and putting his paws and chin on my face.

He is very smart and loves mastering new tricks and training.

He tries to sneak more food when I’m not looking and has fallen into his food bin more than once.

He has a weird obsession with underwear.. LOL

He soothes himself with mouth nibbles on me or his doggie foster brother, especially when he’s tired and wants to sleep.

He loves meeting new people and is friendly to everyone!

He is quite good at fetch and is starting to be coordinated enough to catch the ball in air.

He snorts when sniffing the ground like Pumba from the Lion King.

He really loves to cuddle and he’s not too big to be a lap dog.

We 💖 Ashley, David & Lane

What makes Tina love-a-bull?

Tina has an amazing smile that brings our family so much joy! She loves to snuggle and every morning greets me with a great snuggle sesh.

She is a very happy dog and has a great head tilt. When she hears noises on TV, she looks around and tilts her head every which way. She has a big ol’ head that is just adorable.

My nephew loves that he can play with her and cuddle her too. He said he loves her great personality.

Overall, we love Tina so much and can’t wait for her forever family to love her too!

We 💖 Danielle

What makes Kelsey love-a-bull?

Kelsey is the most beautiful dog in the world. She has stopped traffic with her gorgeous looks!

She is a low rider, seriously one of the lowest to the ground dogs you can think of!

Kelsey is a major snuggler. She can find you no matter where you are in the house. If you are down for a nap, Kelsey is in!

She snores like no ones business. We are thinking she is probably part pig because of it!

No joke, Kelsey needs negative exercise because she is seriously so lazy.

She is OBSESSED with children of all ages and all people. Kelsey is the definition of a lover.

When she gets random bursts of energy it makes me laugh so hard!

Her one blue eye is to die for!

We 💖 Lorelei

Foster manager Lorelei and the Lion King litter.

Save-a-Bull’s foster manager, Lorelei,  is the glue that holds our foster program together. Not only does she take dogs into her home, she offers coordination, mentorship and support to the dozens of families that currently foster for the organization. If you’ve ever considered fostering a dog, Lorelei would like you to share the following insight with you:

We need you! Why foster?

Flexible, forgiving, family, future.

We all know the high-level reasons why you should become a Save-a-Bull foster home. Fostering keeps pit bulls out of shelters. It also frees up more space in shelters for incoming dogs and minimizes euthanasia rates. You are literally saving a life.

But did you know that fostering increases the chance of a dog getting adopted and prevents the chance of a dog being returned to a shelter environment? While in foster care, dogs learn appropriate socialization skills with humans and other animals. They experience all the things we take for granted (i.e. TV, noises from cooking, car rides, a regular schedule, baths, weather including snow and rain, couch snuggles, post person delivering mail, etc). You help them develop the skills needed to become a perfect companion animal and fit into a perfect forever home.

But, fostering is so much more!

Fostering is flexible.

There are no rules that you have to have a dog in your home at all times. You can foster a couple times a year, all the time, or temp foster on the weekends. You choose what age dog is best for your life style – puppies, adolescents, adults and geriatrics. We have them all, and thanks to our intake/matchmaking team, we can search out and find any kind of dog you may want to foster.

Fostering is forgiving.

You don’t have to be a perfect person, have a giant house or large yard. You can live in an apartment, work full time and go out on weekends. All that truly matters is that you have the ability to give time and love to a dog – that will love you in return. Many of our dogs come with sad stories but the compassion and care you show to your foster will change their lives forever. Pit bulls are all about instant forgiveness. If you mess up by putting the gentle leader on wrong, miss a meal or don’t open the door in time for a potty break, they will forgive you and move on. Lesson learned.

Fostering is about family and fun.

Fostering is a family adventure; everyone engaged in the common purpose of caring for the dog. Children of all ages can participate in family walks, responsibility of feeding times, poop pick up and discovering that through volunteering they can personally make a difference in the world. Entire families are welcome to spend time together at adoption events and Save-a-Bull gatherings.

When you become a foster with Save-a-Bull you join our family. Fosters, mentors, volunteers and leadership all join together in the mission of rescuing pit bulls from homelessness, neglect, injury and abuse. While rescue can sometimes be hard work, the Save-a-Bull community often comes together to celebrate each other and our pups.

Fostering is our future and foundation.

Foster homes are the heartbeat of Save-a-Bull. Without homes we would not be able to save lives and find adopters the perfect family pet. Foster homes also help groom good dogs that go out into the community to act as advocates for the breed. Dogs and volunteers as positive role models help build awareness and support of Save-a-Bull and increase our reach to help the dogs that would be lost without our help.

Fostering is about growing the size of your heart, about the unselfish act of loving and letting go. In the short term you are immediately saving a life. But in the long run you have no idea how fostering can fulfill and change your life until you give it a try!

Join this group of incredibly special people who open their homes and their hearts to a dog that deserves a second chance.

If you would like to help us save even more dogs, apply to foster with Save-a-Bull Rescue. You provide the love, we provide everything else.

Apply to become a foster at:


Taking a chance pays off big for a makeshift “family”

Taking a chance pays off big for a makeshift “family”

It seems like rescue is always a bit chaotic, but this past weekend was extra crazy for Save-a-Bull! Not only was our biggest event of the year planned (watch for a full Rescue Run recap to follow!) but we also welcomed 14 new puppies and one amazing mama dog to the family. Here’s how it went down:

About a week ago, Save-a-Bull was asked if we had the resources to help with some newborn puppies. This was a special request since the puppies had not yet been born, the mama would not be able to join them, and they would have to be bottle fed and hand cared for around the clock. We didn’t know how many puppies were coming, or when they would arrive, but because of the amazing volunteers in our organization we were able to say yes and promise them a chance. We sat waiting, ready to move the moment they arrived.

A few days later, a rescue partner in Oklahoma reached out and asked if we could take in a sweet mama and her seven, four-week-old puppies that were abandoned in what appeared to be a hoarder’s home.


Once again, we said yes and saw this as a possible stroke of luck: It’s not uncommon for a nursing dog to take on a littler of puppies that were not her own, so we thought it was a great opportunity to see if she’d take the incoming puppies. Mama and her seven puppies were scheduled to come on a non-stop transport on Saturday, June 27. The new puppies weren’t supposed to be born for another week so timing seemed to be perfect.

Well, of course things never go as planned. The new puppies were born early and Save-a-Bull welcomed seven itty bitty babies into rescue Friday afternoon. It took an army of volunteers to bottle feed and care for them around the clock. The tasks normally performed by a mom, feedings and stimulating them to go poop and pee, for seven puppies took about 40 minutes and had to be repeated every two hours.



The following day, the Oklahoma mom, Rozalyn, and her puppies arrived to safely to Minnesota around 10:30pm. We settled them into their own room after the long trip and just monitored them overnight. Everyone was doing well and the attentive mama would hear the newborns babies being fed in the other room and instantly perk up – like she wanted to help!


Around 6:30am on Sunday morning, we moved Rozalyn’s puppies to a separate space and camped out in her room to help her feel more comfortable. We completely expected her to pace and frantically look for her missing puppies, but she laid calmly in the kiddie pool we had set up for her and the babies and watched us, waiting, like she knew what her next task was. She was ready for us to start introducing the new puppies.

Around 8:00am we brought in two of the new babies. Rozalyn knew they were coming! She perked up, met us at the door, went over to the pool and brought the babies in as her own. Thirty minutes later, we brought in the next two with the same response. By 10:00am, all the new babies were with her.


It brought tears to our tired eyes to see this amazing mama step up to care for these babies that so desperately needed her help. She is an amazing girl who not only traveled across the country with her own seven puppies but gladly volunteered to care for seven more. She is truly something special! Join us in welcoming Rozalyn and her 14 beautiful babies to the Save-a-Bull family!

RozlynAllpuppiesAbove: Rozalyn and Nasa, Dipper, Astro, Nova, Neptune, Orion and Galaxy.
Below: New babies Annie, Pearl, Capone, Bugsie, Billy, Garrett and Wyatt.

While this story has a happy ending, it’s only the beginning of the journey for these dogs – and us. Rozalyn and the new babies are going to require a lot of expensive supplies to to make sure they are given the optimal nutrition to grow up strong and healthy. All 14 puppies will also each require a complete set of vaccinations and medical checkups and Rozalyn will need to be spayed after she’s done nursing the babies. Our bills for this rescue adventure are already more than $500 and that’s just for the past 3 days.

We could use your help to give this extended family everything they deserve. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated. Click here to make a donation now. You can also be a part of this wonderful story by sponsoring one of these puppies – or Rozalyn!  Click here for sponsorship details.

Rozalyn and her 14 puppies will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. Watch our website for updates, photos and more.

Because these puppies will need extended care, we’ll assign two sponsors to each one. We’ll make every effort to accommodate specific requests, but sponsorship of Rozalyn and the puppies will be assigned on a first come first served basis. If sponsorships exceed these puppies, we’ll move them to another dog in rescue that does not yet have a sponsor. Thank you so much for your support!

UPDATE 7/10/15

We’re sad to update that one of the new puppies did not survive past the first two weeks. We lost baby Annie on Wednesday at only 15 days old.

Louie, Brooklyn & Gwen Get a Helping Hand

Louie, Brooklyn & Gwen Get a Helping Hand

If you’ve followed along in the last few weeks you’ve seen several litters of cute puppies join the Save-a-Bull family. While we love puppies, we know their road ahead is going to be a little bit easier than an adult dog that comes into rescue. These babies haven’t suffered any abuse or neglect, and will start out their lives in a loving foster home before they are adopted. Our hearts really go out to the older dogs who come to us in much greater need. This weekend we met, and took in, three dogs who desperately need a second chance. Meet Louie, Brooklyn and Gwen.

Age: 1.5 year old/male
From: Local animal control
We got a call from an animal control facility saying they had a dog with a severely injured leg. Most local facilities are not set up with 24 hour vet staff and Louie needed to be seen right away. We went to get him and took him to the emergency vet where it was decided that Louie needed surgery as soon as possible. At the time of this post, Louie is in surgery where the severity of his injuries will be assessed. We’re hoping his leg can be treated and will not need amputation. But we will stick with Louie no matter what the outcome!
* We will update this post with Louie’s results when they become available.


Ages: 6 months old/females
From: Owner surrender
A good Samaritan contacted us about two young pit bulls in need of rescue. The owners of the dogs told her they were sick and not eating or drinking. She asked if they would give the dogs to her so she could find them help, and they did. She took them to the vet, covered in mange and itchy, bloody scabs and kept them in her home for two weeks while being treated for the skin condition. They started eating again and put on eight pounds each.

Once the dogs were out of immediate danger and gaining their health back, the woman asked us to take them in, continue their care and find them homes. Brooklyn and Gwen are now in foster homes where they will receive ongoing treatment for their condition until we find them new families who will care for and love them like they deserve.

We knew Louie, Brooklyn and Gwen were all going to need extensive medical care when we took them in. But they are all great, friendly happy dogs in spite of the luck that has fallen upon them – how could we say no?

Because of  continued support by thousands of rescue advocates like you, we are in the position to help these dogs when they come to us. If you’d like to make a donation to help in their care, please click here. Or consider a sponsorship to help them on the road to recovery.

Once their health is better, all three of these dogs will be added to our website as available for adoption!