Did you know that black dogs are generally the last to be adopted and stay in rescue almost four times as long as other dogs? Why is that? Potential adopters come to look at available dogs and the black ones may seem “ordinary” or simply don’t take good pictures – they blend into the background and their facial features aren’t as prominent as other dogs.

“People are looking for a face to fall in love with and if that dog doesn’t stand out in a crowd, they just get overlooked,” says Sherri Skidmore, the owner and founder of the Utah-based Black Dog Rescue Project. “If you put a black dog and a lighter dog next to each other, people will be drawn to the lighter one.”

Save-a-Bull has an unusually large number of black dogs in rescue right now. Most of them are pretty young and they are spending the best, cutest and most important part of their lives living in rescue instead of growing up with a family of their own. These dogs have a ton of love and affection to offer if you’ll just make sure not to overlook them!

Now is the time to adopt a black dog!
We’re hoping to give our black dogs a little more attention by offering discounted adoption rates on them through the end of October. If you’re ready to adopt, please look extra close at our black dogs! Adoption fees on applications submitted between October 20 and October 31 will be reduced to just $200.

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