In tough times, we’re all looking for a way to feel good and have a laugh in order to let of some steam and destress.  We’ll, you’ve come to the right place! We’re holding our very own Pet Portrait Fundraiser and we think it’ll be just what you need! A $10 donation will help rescue dogs, AND get you a custom, maybe not-so-great, but probably really funny, portrait of your pet.

Our volunteers have bravely agreed to try their hands at drawing your pet in an effort to raise money for our rescue dogs. Our group does include some professional artists, illustrators and graphic designers, but it’s also mostly made up of accountants, real estate agents, nurses, cooks, scientists, researchers, moms and dads, builders and more – so you just never know what your portrait might look like! Our “artists” have been warming up for this event, here are few of their drawings:

This virtual event will take place online on Friday, April 24. Make your donation and post your photo here:
Then sit back, maybe with a glass of wine or a snack, and watch the finished portraits start rolling in! We’ll be sharing all the drawings as as we go, so you’ll get an evening of online entertainment!

All donations will help with food, supplies, vaccinations and the care of dogs in rescue. We appreciate anyone who can show their support during these trying times, and think a goofy pet portrait is just what we all need right now.

You’ve seen it before as other organizations have picked up their pencils to draw pet portraits to raise money – well, now it’s our turn! Join us for this virtual get together as we share in some art appreciation, stress-relief, camaraderie, and our support of rescue.