by Mackenzie Miller

Yesterday we said goodbye to a life way too soon. Little Annie came to us on June 26 with her six siblings at only three days old. At the beginning, Annie was a rock star at bottle feeder and quickly became one of the largest, if not the largest, of the litter. She joined her siblings with their new mama Rozalyn and everything seemed perfect.

Over the next few days Annie gradually stopped feeding with the others and began losing weight. As her foster, I watched her closely and took her to the vet where it was determined that she developed pneumonia and was put on medication. She was sick, but she was still active and fighting to be with the others, so I was hopeful that she would pull through.

Even though she wasn’t feeling well, this little girl was the best cuddler! Feeding time, when she stopped nursing with the others, meant cuddle time in Annie’s world. You could always find her snuggled up on Roz’s neck or on her siblings while they nursed. I continued to bottle feed her every few hours around the clock. We had ups and downs and were taking it day by day. As long as she continued to fight, I was right by her side.

Yesterday Annie took a turn for the worse and her fragile body lost its battle around 2:30pm. She was 15 days old and weighed in at only 1 pound, 6 ounces. She got her wings and I got my very own angel. Goodbye Annie, I will miss our late night feedings and kissing you on your tiny nose. This is not goodbye, we will meet again…


Newborn puppies are an exceptionally hard challenge, and despite the mama’s and our best efforts they sometimes don’t make it. It’s important to be responsible about preventing liters that you’re not prepared to care for, these little lives are in your hands.