Everyone loves puppies! We love their whole body wiggles, their soft fur, and even their puppy breath. But in rescue, we don’t discriminate by age. We take in dogs of all ages and give them a second chance at finding their forever family. Save-a-Bull currently has 10 dogs seven month and older. Now that we have your attention with all this Give to the Max Day excitement, let us share a little more information about our adoptable adults!

Sweet Hallie has been with us for over a year. This adorable “white buffalo” as she is affectionately called around Save-a-Bull, is just over 4 years old. She is a master at entertaining herself! She loves toys and will toss them in the air before gracefully galloping after them. She can entertain herself for hours with play time! But, once playtime is over, she makes a beeline to the couch where she demands a snuggle time with her fosters.

Linus is a one-year-old tripod! Prior to coming to rescue, Linus experienced broken bones in his leg that required an amputation. However, only three legs can’t slow this boy down! This summer, Linus could usually be found in his foster’s pool. He loved having his toys thrown into the pool where he could swim over to retrieve them. Once he gathers them all, he brings them back to his humans and waits for them to be thrown back in so he can get back to swimming!

Jill, also known as Jillybean to her fosters, is a two year old sweetheart who has been in rescue since March.  Jill is a HUGE fan of her squeaky toys! She loves to chase them, chew them, shake them, and carry them around the house with her. While doing so, she squeaks the songs of her people the entire way! Her fosters are endlessly entertained by her playtime. We are sure, if Jill were a part of your family, there would never be a dull moment!

Ravioli is a mischievous little spit fire that loves to explore the world around him. At eight months old, he’s an excitable and fun-loving dude! In exchange, he will happily give you unlimited kisses, Netflix and chill, long lazy weekend mornings in bed, and the ability to learn tricks in a snap! He also loves car rides, brewery patios, and is a certified foodie who hasn’t met a snack he didn’t like. This boy is smart and funny, is great company, and could very possibly be your best friend ever!

Royal is a sweet 8 month old pup who came to rescue in May. He has a lot of personality and enjoys being near his people! He wants to be as close to you as possible. He is a unique pup as he is one of the only dogs from our rescue that has part hairless breed – and he’s also a leftie! Still looking for his forever home…



Coral is a 3 and a half year old, white pittie who LOVES her foster family and their kids! The children in the house love to keep her entertained with her toys and Coral is happy to oblige. However, she also enjoys her downtime as well. She is the sweetest snuggler. She has even been known to pick snuggling with her foster family over the delicious smells of bacon cooking in the kitchen.


Vince is the oldest of our available adults at 5 and a half years young! Vince loves to show his love to his fosters by drenching them with kisses and snuggling his face as close to theirs as possible. This pitties is definitely going to need snuggles in the winter as he was unimpressed by his first snow experience. He saw the white stuff and ran his brown butt right back into the house! Vince would love a forever family to help keep him warm and loved this winter.

All of these older dogs are available for adoption. Did you see one that would be the perfect addition to your family? Fill out an application today!

Linus, Royal, Hallie photos by Tangerine House of Design