Your adoption fee includes a $50 training reimbursement credit. Learn why training with your new dog is so important and how to get your reimbursement.


QuoteThis is Tim Burton now know as Tim “Riggins.” We did our training with Canine Coach in St Paul with trainers Annette and Pauli. We started off with Puppy 101 which gave us such a great base to start with. Then on to Level 1, Level 2 and an Agility class for some fun. This was such a great learning experience, not only for Riggins, but for us.”
– Jeannette K.


Training Reimbursement Program

There is no better way to get to know your new dog or puppy  than to sign up for training ASAP. Responsible ownership starts with you and your dog bonding, learning respect and setting expectations. A professional dog trainer can help you learn how to build this relationship or just brush up on your dog training skills. In addition, establishing a relationship with a good trainer is a great resource for you as your dog grows up or should any behavior issues develop down the road.

We feel so strongly about this process that our adoption fee includes a $50 training reimbursement credit to get you started on the right foot.

Simple. Take your dog to and complete a minimum of Level 1 Obedience at the professional trainer of your choice* within 6 months of adoption. Once you complete your training, fill out the reimbursement form below and a check for $50 will be mailed to you.

*You must complete training with a certified training professional. We can’t accept training from your uncle’s friend, a “dog savvy” neighbor or other non-licensed trainer. Here are some recommendations:

Canine Coach –
Twin Cities Obedience and Training Club –
Bark Busters Home Dog Training –

We encourage you to keep training past Level 1 Obedience for a lifetime of bonding and fun for you and your dog, but getting started is the most important step!

If you have any questions about the reimbursement program or the validity of your trainer before you start, please email us.