Our goal in rescue is to help dogs who find themselves in need of a home. But the need for assistance far outweighs our resources. We will try to help whenever we can, but please explore all your options before choosing to rehome your dog.

We can’t take every dog.

Please plan ahead if you need to rehome your dog. Last minute, panicked phone calls are common, but  we cannot turn on a dime because we don’t have a shelter.

Save-a-Bull can only take a dog into rescue when we have an appropriate vacant foster home for that dog to live.

Selling your dog in a classified ad or on Craigslist is dangerous,  please do not resort to this option.

If you have no other options for your dog, please complete an Owner Surrender application. After we have received the application, we will call or e-mail you back with options, based on information provided in the application. Please note a few things before submitting your application:

  • Save-a-Bull does not have the resources to take in dogs with dog aggression issues.  A majority of our foster homes have other animals and we can not place their family at risk
  • Save-a-Bull will not take in dogs that show signs of human aggression.  We can not put our foster families or adoptive families at risk.
  • Save-a-Bull will not take in dogs with a bite history.
  • Save-a-Bull can not take in dogs that have been declared either Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous due to liability.


  • Please read this ASPCA Article- Before you Rehome Your Dog. This article provides good advice and resources. If your need is behavior based, we can recommend trainers and an action plan.
  • The Pet Project is a local organization that helps to keep pets and their caregivers together by providing pet food and pet supplies to food shelves. They offer quarterly low-cost vaccination clinics and provide information about other programs that provide reduced-cost veterinary care.
  • My Pitbull Is Family provides pitbull friendly housing options in cities across the country.


We can only consider surrender applications from Minnesota and Wisconsin.