In August of this year, a family contact us in need of help with two pit bulls. A recent death in their family left Carmen (13) and Pearl (10) without a place to call home. We know taking in an older dog is hard, but two? We were blessed to have a wonderful couple step up and agree to foster both of them!

As with any older dog, Pearl and Carmen needed special care. We took them to our vet, had them checked out, and made sure they had everything they needed to start looking for their next homes. Pearl was healthy, so we began looking for the perfect home for her. Carmen needed a little more time. It was discovered that she had a failing heart so we put her on medications to try and slow that process. She lounged happily at her foster home as we watched her progress.

While we kept an eye on Carmen, we found the perfect match for Pearl’s elder bull needs and she was adopted! It was amazing that in only two months she was going home for good and we couldn’t have been happier for her. Carmen unfortunately was declining, and it became clear that she would never leave rescue.

While the end-of-life is heartbreaking with any dog, it’s even more so with a dog in rescue who has no home or family. But Carmen’s fosters were not going to let that happen and they quickly adopter her as their own. They worked hard to keep her comfortable, happy and very loved in the time she had left.

Since Carmen and Pearl had spent their whole lives together, Pearl’s new owner brought her over to spend some time with her failing mother. It was a sweet reunion and only fitting that Carmen spent her last days surrounded by real and new family. In her final hours, she cuddled with her favorite elephant toy, and peacefully left us.

As we mourn the end of Carmen’s life, we celebrate that we had the opportunity to know her. We are thankful to the family that trusted us with her care in a time of need, and are incredibly grateful to the fosters who took her and Pearl in and gave them the love and dignity they deserve.

Sweet Carmen, run happy and free, and know that you were loved by so many.