This summer, something a little magical happened.

When former adopter Bernadette Heaney-Deuel started planning a birthday party for her kids Henry (9) and Hazel (6), she asked them if they would like to receive gifts at the party or ask friends and family for donations to an organization. Both kids agreed that they wanted to donate gifts to the rescue where their beloved Bosco came from, Save-a-Bull.

They sent out invitations explaining how they wanted gifts to be donated. Party guests showed up with lots of stuff from the wish list and also took the time to make rope toys to add to the pile of items collected!

Henry and Hazel then personally delivered their donation to the rescue at an adoption event, where they got to play with and there thanked by dogs and puppies who really appreciate their thoughtfulness.
If kids like Henry and Hazel are our future, then the world is truly a great place.