Save-a-Bull Rescue is made up of dozens and dozens of wonderful, dedicated volunteers. They work hard, they give endlessly of their time and resources, and they make everything we do possible. Meet some of our volunteers now!








There are multiple ways you can lend a hand and show your support for rescue and the dogs we help. If you have a specific question, idea or way you’d like to volunteer your time, please reach out to volunteer@saveabullmn.org.

Join our Social Media Team
One of the easiest ways you can get involved is by helping spread the word about pit bulls and the work Save-a-Bull is doing to help them. While we try to stay very active on social media, there is a limit to how far we can reach on our own. We need savvy social media users to keep the message alive and moving forward. It’s easy to be a part of that! Follow our accounts:

FACEBOOK   INSTAGRAM   TWITTER   Hashtag #Saveabullmn

Then share, comment and like our posts daily. Every time you interact with one of our posts you increase the likelihood that hundreds of new eyes will see it and learn about what we’re doing. Your networks can increase our reach by literally thousands of views each day – let’s make positive pit bulls go viral!

Direct Sales Consultants
Independent consultant for an in-home direct sales business can use your networking and sales to raise money for rescue. Learn how to volunteer those skills!

Fundraise via Razoo
If fundraising is your passion, consider setting up your own fundraiser for Save-a-Bull. You can set up and manage a Razoo fundraising project at any time and for any reason – ask for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, wedding or other special occasion, set one up in memory or celebration of a special pet or milestone – the possibilities are endless! Everything is done online through our Razoo page so you don’t need to collect funds or manage any details.
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We also have several partner programs that allow you to donate a portion of sales when you shop through specific retails. Check out our SUPPORT page for details on products available. Shop now >

Thank you for which ever way you choose to voluntarily spend your time to support rescue. Every single gesture makes a huge positive impact on the lives of the dogs we serve.