Adopted February 5, 2017

Dog’s former name Roscoe

What are the best things about your dog?
He is a human that walks on four legs. His snores shake the bed. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He also likes to help in the kitchen, in case something were to fall from the counter.

Tells us about your dogs favorite activities, sports or training:
Roscoe LOVES to play fetch even with the smallest of toy remnant. He enjoys going to obedience class every Monday, where he has made many friends. In the summer he loves to go to the lake with his sister and take a swim. Fetch continues at the lake. They both make a mad dash to the stick in the middle of the lake.

Do you have any extraordinary adventures or accomplishments?
Roscoe has completed level 3 obedience classes, CGC certified, PALS Certification, and works as a trained service dog. He received this honor through the Patriots Assistant Dog program in Detroit Lakes, MN.

How do people react to your “pit bull?”
When Roscoe is working he gets a lot of attention. 90% of the time it’s positive as his demeanor is overwhelmingly friendly. Sometimes people are attached to the stigma and are cautious around him, they also have trouble believing he could be “trained”. Yet Roscoe proves them otherwise everytime.

Does your dog have any nicknames?
Ronnie, Roscoe Wade, Good Boy

FAST FIVE with Roscoe

1. Food: Piggy or picky? PIGGY

2. Dog beds: Sleep on or unstuff? Sleep on

3. Travel: Car rides or car sick? Car rides

4. Water: No way or splash all day? Splash all day

5. Seasons: A day in the sun or a day in the snow? Sun

Submitted by Robbie S.


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