Adopted July 24, 2017

Dog’s former name Junior

What are the best things about your dog?
He is always happy; tail always wagging and seeming to smile.
He came to us pretty well trained. He walks great on the leash and always stays close when off-leash; he is a very well mannered dog.

Tell us about your dogs favorite activities, sports or training:
Onyx loves to take walks or car rides. Of course, his favorite are rides to the park reserves for long walks. But he’s happy to go around the block or ride to the gas station.

Do you have any extraordinary adventures or accomplishments?
Onyx had a great time spending a couple of days & nights camping. That is probably the most adventurous thing we’ve done. I don’t know that it qualifies as extraordinary though…

How do people react to your “pit bull”?
Most reactions are positive. People comment on how pretty he is…and how big. With his smile and always-wagging tail, it’s hard to have a negative reaction to him.

Does your dog have any nicknames?:
Big Sexy, Knucklehead

FAST FIVE with Onyx

1. Food: Piggy or picky? Piggy

2. Dog beds: Sleep on or unstuff? Sleep on

3. Travel: Car rides or car sick? Car rides

4. Water: No way or splash all day? Splash but no swim

5. Seasons: A day in the sun or a day in the snow? Either…just outside

Submitted by Chad L.


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