Adopted February 11, 2017

Dog’s former name Timon

What are the best things about your dog?
Huck is the most loving, excitable, and energetic dog ever. He loves everyone he meets, especially if they give him belly rubs.

Tells us about your dogs favorite activities, sports or training:
He loves fetch (with anything), tug-o-war, chasing and wrestling his big sister Maven, and pestering the cat when she has the nerve to show her face.

Do you have any extraordinary adventures or accomplishments?
Huck accidentally discovered the difference between land and sea when he sprinted into the lake his first time at the cabin. He did not enjoy it, nor did he re-enter the lake.

How do people react to your “pit bull”?
We have not had a negative reaction with Huck. Most are struck by how adorable he is. When we share his breed, some are surprised by his friendliness.

Does your dog have any nicknames?
Huckleberry, Booger, Buddy

FAST FIVE with Huck

1. Food: Piggy or picky? PIGGY

2. Dog beds: Sleep on or unstuff? Sleep on

3. Travel: Car rides or car sick? Both

4. Water: No way or splash all day? No way

5. Seasons: A day in the sun or a day in the snow? Outside? YES!

Submitted by Charlie & Stephanie S.


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