Adopted September 2015

Dog’s former name Olaf

What are the best things about your dog?
He can not get close enough when he cuddles. He snores with his eyes open. He is so careful with my 2 year old nephew and 6 month old niece and has loved every dog he’s met.

Tell us about your dog’s favorite activities, sports or training:
Running zoomies, sleeping, chewing on anything and everything. Talking (he makes a very unfortunate sound when he wants me to feed him, water him, or let him outside) it’s hilarious.

Give us some examples of how your dog likes to spend his/her time:
Chance’s favorite thing is being close to me or his grandma! He is the biggest cuddler I’ve had in a dog. At night, he lays in my bed and doesn’t move.

How do people react to your “pit bull?”
Chance gets tons of complements on how beautiful his coat is.

What other stories do you want to share?
Chance was my foster fail and it was love at first sight.

Does your dog have any nicknames?
Sir Chancelot, Moose, Chancey-Pants, Chauncey


FAST FIVE with Chance

1. Food: Piggy or picky? Piggy
2. Dog beds: Sleep on or unstuff? Sleep on
3. Travel: Car rides or car sick? Car Rides
4. Water: No way or splash all day? No way
5. Seasons: A day in the sun or a day in the snow? Day in the sun

Submitted by Tiffany G.


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