Josh, Katie, Hayden & Riley

Q: How do you volunteer your time specifically with Save-a- Bull?
A: After we adopted our pit bull Lilly from Save-a-Bull we started fostering. Then we foster-failed with Judge. Now we help out with events, fundraising, errands, transport – any way we can.

Q: How long have you been with Save-a- Bull?
A: About a year.

Q: How did you learn about Save-a- Bull and what made you decide to volunteer?
A: We wanted to adopt a pit bull and were researching local rescues – that’s when we found Save-a-Bull!

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer so far?
A: We love knowing that that everything we do is working to make a difference for the dogs. We also love that our kids have discovered the importance of helping others and standing up for what they believe in. Both our kids have become very educated, and even a little outspoken, pit bull advocates and love to help out at Save-a-Bull events.

Q: Do you have any dogs of your own?
A: Yes. Bella is a 5 year old chocolate lab. Lily and Judge, Save-a-Bull Alumni, are both under 2 years old.

Q: What do you do for work? For fun?
A: Josh is in sales and Katie is a customer service rep.

We love to venture out and find new places with our family and the dogs. We love exploring new restaurants and breweries. We keep very busy during the summer with our daughter’s traveling fast pitch softball team and throughout the year with Cub Scouts for our son.