Q: How do you volunteer your time specifically with Save-a- Bull?
I organize, write, and publish the Dog of the Week and Sponsorship posts on Facebook. I also lead and help out at events when I can.

Q: How long have you been with Save-a- Bull?
I started in the summer of 2012, working events and handling dogs.

Q: How did you learn about Save-a- Bull and what made you decide to volunteer?
I’m crazy about all dogs (ask anyone that knows me), but I fell in love with the bully breed while living in Colorado. My co-worker would bring her pit bull into work, who was the sweetest, gentlest, and most intelligent dog I had ever met. I had no idea there were so many misconceptions and stereotypes that surrounded the breed until she informed me. Fast forward to 2012 when I was back in Minnesota – Googled bully breed rescues in my community, found Save-a-Bull, and fell in love with everything they do! It is a fantastic rescue to work with, with amazing people.

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a volunteer so far?
I don’t think I can choose one experience. What I find most rewarding is the act of volunteering and the idea that I may have helped even one dog live a life that may not have been possible without Save-a-Bull.

Q: Do you have any dogs of your own?
Two – both rescues. One always happy black lab mix, Tucker, who’s about 9 years old, and one almost toothless black Pug, Wicket (named after the Star Wars Ewok), who is about 10. I love them both dearly!

Q: What do you do for work? For fun?
I work for a food broker as an Account Manager. For fun, I like to walk, read, cook, and spend as much time as possible with my family, including my two nieces and one nephew.