Meet Georgia (Gia) on the right, and Sadie, left. Michael Hicks and Jess Florek adopted Georgia from Save-a-Bull as a puppy and began fostering when she was about one year old. When she was three, they foster failed with Sadie who was about a year old at the time. They are the perfect match for each other and bonded immediately.

Georgia and Sadie have a big sister/little sister relationship. Georgia always looks after Sadie, and they love to snuggle up together and be close. And they are partners in crime: Georgia will distract Sadie, Sadie will react by barking at the window, and then Georgia will steal your food from the table!

They love the word ‘Grandma’ and car rides are the best; they lead to adventures, pup cones and training classes (Georgia likes high flying training classes like agility, Sadie is more of an “obedience” kind of girl).

Georgia and Sadie love the outdoors would stay outside all day on the summer baking in the sun is if Mike and Jess let them. They also love walks, bike rides and camping.

They also like to help with house projects, especially painting – and come away with white noses and tails on a regular basis. They really enjoy spending time together in their newly remodeled kennel spaces in their very own room, complete with shiplap and a chandelier.

Georgia and Sadie are also tremendous foster siblings! They happily welcome foster dogs into the house and love puppies and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Sadie is the one that plays with them until they pass out, and Georgia is the one to make sure they follow the rules, don’t get too crazy, and know the boundaries.

“Georgia is a complete mommy’s girl. She is stubborn, smart, serious and very sensitive. Sadie is a derp. She wants to please so she loves obedience training. She has a silly playful personality that makes us smile” say Mike and Jess. “More than anything they demand attention and love, and we sure love to give it to them. “


Georgia and Sadie were photographed by Tangerine House of Design as part of our annual Save-a-Bull calendar fundraiser and contest. Watch for next year’s contest details coming soon!