Good Dogs

Every dog has the ability to be a good dog. The proper training, good nutrition and consistent health care are all factors in giving your dog every advantage possible to be the best dog he can be. Staying educated and being proactive about your dog’s best interests are the best ways to be a responsible owner and be a great advocate to all dogs.



Pay attention to who your dog is, not who you want them to be.

As we sit smack in the middle of outdoor patio season, let’s pause to take a moment to think about our dogs. We love sitting on the patio with our friends, meeting new people and socializing for a few few hours. But how does your dog feel about that? While we promote dog-friendly events, and encourage you to bring your dog, if he enjoys such things, please take a moment to consider if he actually wants to be there.

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Starting From the Beginning: Youth Education

The great thing about opening a kid’s eyes to something new, is that they then go out and share their newfound knowledge with others! There’s no way of knowing how much impact that child will have on the people around him – but it’s an amazing thing to consider!

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Most dogs love to chew but destructive chewing directed towards objects other than chew toys Is often a sign of a deeper problem such as separation anxiety. Chewing is a potent stress reliever and releases pleasurable endorphins into the body, but directing chewing to the proper places is important training for your dog.

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Nipping or mouthing is normal puppy behavior, but it can develop into a serious problem if allowed to continue into adulthood. An adult dog’s mouth can be very strong, so even when its nipping is just part of normal play, it can still cause significant damage to human skin.

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Addressing Leash Aggression

Leash lunging, leash reactivity and leash aggression are all behaviors that are caused by a dog feeling restrained, frustrated and uncomfortable in a social situation while attached to a leash. In normal circumstances, an unleashed dog would be able to put sufficient distance between himself and a fear source.

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July 4th Safety

Many animals are incredibly anxious during the Independence Day holiday festivities. People “oohhh” and “aawww” over the sight of beautiful firework displays, but for animals this is a frightening experience. Due to a dog’s keen sense of hearing, fireworks sound much louder to them.

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Playing it Safe with “Leave It” Part 2

Have you been practicing your dog’s “leave it” skills? We presented Part 1 of this important exercise a few weeks ago to help you teach your dog to think twice before gobbling down potentially dangerous items. Now it’s time to take it to the next level!

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Don’t Just Say Pit Bulls Are Awesome, Prove It!

Anyone who owns a pit bull has probably experienced first-hand the instant and unfounded bad reaction some people have the minute you tell them what kind of dog you have. I still can’t believe in this day and age how many times I hear “I can’t believe you have pit bulls in your home, aren’t they mean?”

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Playing it Safe with “Leave It” Part 1

The best defense against your dog ingesting whatever he may find is to teach your dog the “leave it” command. Learning “leave it” will give your dog the self-restraint to look to you for guidance before gobbling down something harmful.

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10 Ways to Not Ruin Your Puppy

It's been a puppy-filled summer for us at Save-a-Bull and we've seen many, many young dogs get adopted and head off to start great lives with loving families. Getting a new puppy is exciting, and it's a lot of work. We found this infographic that'll help you and your...

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Fun and Games: A Cure for Cabin Fever

As the winter cold streak continues, many of us are finding ourselves trapped inside the house with a dog or dogs that have a severe case of cabin fever. Without regular walks, or even free time outside, dogs get bored. Without physical exercise or mental stimulation, dogs can resort to bad or destructive behavior. You can curb your dogs boredom with a variety of fun indoor exercises like these.

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Home Sweet Home: The Importance of Crate Training

Home is your “happy” place. It’s warm and inviting, cozy and familiar. You feel at ease at home, all your stuff is there, and you can just hide away from the rest of world when you need a little time to your self. These are the same feelings your dog should have about his kennel or crate.

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Bringing a New Dog Home

Adding another dog to your household can bring you and your current dog more fun and companionship. However, it’s important to realize that your current dog, might feel similar to how you might feel if your parents picked your friends and then told you to share your toys with them.

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