In 2015, we officially launched our Fix Your Pit program and over the past two plus years, we have hosted and funded 11 clinics by partnering with Kindest Cuts at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. These clinics are so important to our organization that our volunteers jump at the chance to help! Our volunteers love attending our other fundraising events, but what they appreciate about these clinics is seeing the direct, positive impact our clinics are making in the local community.

On clinic days, teams of  nine volunteers assist the veterinary staff with a variety of jobs. Volunteer Cassie Riddle notes “The [vet] staff truly cares about the animals. Everything goes very smooth and the animals’ welfare is the top priority.”

Volunteers also greet clients, help check dogs in, and assist with paperwork. ”Many of the clients are anxious about leaving their dogs at the clinic. Surgery is an unsettling idea to a lot of pet owners, especially those that have never been to the vet before, but our volunteers are there to help clients feel at ease. “So many people are nervous to drop their dogs off, which tells me they really love their pitties.” says volunteer foster manager Lorelei Noire. “They want to do what is right, but might not always be able to afford it. I’m so glad we can make this happen for them.”

One of our volunteers’ favorite parts about working these clinics is walking dogs after surgery to gently wake them from their anesthetic. The kennel room following surgery is enjoyed by our volunteers as there is a lot of howls, lovingly called the “morphine moos,” coming from the pups!


When we initially launched our first Fix Your Pit clinic, we were only able to offer free spay and neuter services. As we hosted more clinics and interacted with the community, we realized that although spay and neuter was helping, there was more we could do to give back. So, we made the decision in 2017 to offer free vaccinations and microchipping at all 6 of our clinics for our clients who requested it.

Our Fix Your Pit clinics allow us to continue our rescue mission outside of just homeless dogs. Save-a-Bull volunteer Jolene Coleman says “The clinics show we support the community that supports the rescue, and that Save-a-Bull truly cares about reducing the number of pitties that are homeless or in shelters.” Further, our clinics aid in creating a healthier community while assisting pet owners in the area by giving services to their dogs they would otherwise have access to.

“Rescue isn’t only about foster and adopting,” says Lorelei. “It is about what is best for the pitties in the community and advocating for the breed.”

With your support today, we will fully fund 6 more clinics in 2018 that will include spay/neuter services, vaccinations and microchipping for low income families in the Twin Cities. When we asked our volunteers what they would like to communicate to you, our generous donors, on Give to the Max Day, the unanimous response was a HUGE THANK YOU! Jolene reminds us that, “without your continued support, this program would not exist.”  Volunteer Matt Guest echoes her thanks by saying “You are helping to keep dogs alive and out of shelters. I appreciate you all!”

From all of us at Save-a-Bull, thank you for helping us continue our mission of providing a healthier community for pit bulls in the Twin Cities area.

Your donations on Give to the Max Day make these incredible clinics possible. Please continue your support by giving today!