Pet overpopulation is the number one factor causing thousands of pit bulls to be euthanized in shelters every year. With pit bulls making up to 65% of the shelter pet population in the US there is no reason to leave your beloved pet unaltered and at risk of producing even more puppies that will suffer this terrible fate.

Having your dog spayed or neutered is the best way to make a positive impact on these numbers. In addition, there are many health and behavior benefits to spay and neuter that will directly benefit you, your dog and the community you live in:

• Reduced aggression
• Lower risk of cancer

• Reduce roaming

• Increase life span

Since 2016 we’ve partnered with the Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers to launch our free* spay/neuter clinics for pit bulls and pit mixes. Each year we’ve spayed and neutered almost 100 dogs and the infographic below shows the effect this has on the number of unplanned puppies, who would be at high risk, in our community.

All clinics include free vaccines and microchips for participating dogs at the owners request. To register for one of the above clinic dates and to check availability, please click here or call 763-489-7729.

*Income qualification is required. Visit AHS website for eligibility and requirements.

(The December 15, 2018 clinic is FULL)

2019 Clinic Dates

Clinic Date
Registration Opens*
February 16 January 16
April 13 March 13
June 15 May 15
August 10 July 10
October 12 September 12
December 14 November 14

*Watch the AHS website for dates to be posted for registration.

Fix Your Pit clinics are made possible by your support. We’re honored to facilitate the desire for members of our community to help each other in the care and responsible ownership of pit bulls and pit mixes. Together, we’re making a difference in national pit bull euthanasia rates and breed perception as a whole. If you’d like to contribute to this mission, please make a donation today!

2016 Clinics


February 13

Sponsored by Corgan Transport
Alyssa Winters Memorial Clinic

This Valentine’s Day clinic was started in 2015 in remembrance of a special volunteer we lost in a tragic car accident. Alyssa was a huge advocate of pit bulls and her friends and family have continued to support Save-a-Bull in her honor. Every February we hold a spay/neuter clinic in her name.

April 2

Sponsored by Blue Heeler Arts and the Cole Family

Spring is in the air! Make sure your pit is ready to run and play without the worries that face unaltered dogs.

July 9

Sponsored by The Nicolette Diner and Muffin Top Cafe and the Gregson Family

Thanks to Kindest Cut and everyone who took part in our summer clinic!

October 22

Sponsored by Save-a-Bull Rescue Volunteers
Pit Bull Awareness Month Clinic

Thanks to all who came to and supported our Pit Bull Awareness month clinic!

In 2015 we launched the Fix Your Pit program to provide free services to help responsible dog owners spay or neuter their pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Spay and neuter is the best way to combat the brutal statistics on the euthanasia rates of pit bulls in America, click here  to learn more.