Male – 2 years old

Howdy, folks! My name is Brom and I'm a cuddle-bug who just wants to be someone's wing-dog and best buddy! Sometimes I'm a shy, sensitive guy in new situations, but I LOVE people of all ages and playing with other familiar dogs. Because I'm kind of an introvert at first, my foster family has been good about doing slower dog introductions, which helps me get comfortable with new canine pals. I'm quite popular with my foster’s friends, family, the neighbor kids and their dogs. My favorite dog pals are a Boxer and a young puppy next door.  Although I haven't lived with cats before, I've met them and I know to respect their turf.

I am potty and crate trained, and I relax in my crate when my foster family goes to work during the day. I've already learned basic commands like sit, stay, down, off and "leave it." Like a lot of humans, I have some skin allergies, so I take over-the-counter allergy meds with my food. It doesn't slow me down, though. I'm a good passenger in the car, and I prefer feeling safe and secure in a crate or secured area when I'm on car rides. At home, I will hang out near the humans, but I'm not super clingy. I would love to cuddle up with anyone who is on the couch. That's really one of my favorite things to do, and I'm awesome at it!

Squeaker toys and Nylabones are the best! My favorites right now are my Kong Wubba, Nylabone, and my special furry stuffed friend who I like to cuddle up with. My foster mom says I am a rock star on walks too! I'm sight-oriented, so I keep pace with my foster mom and watch out for squirrels. I don't mind when we walk near other dogs in the neighborhood – I'm pretty calm and keep walking.

I'm just a lovable dude who wants to be a member of a forever family – a family that loves me through and through, and will make me feel safe and secure along the way. Let me know if that's you!

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