Female – 7 years old

Viv is a force of nature!  Whether she is chasing the ball, or cuddled up next to you, you can feel her life and energy!
Viv is not fearful or reactive or possessive of toys or food.  Her potty training is rock solid, though she would prefer not to be in a crate.  She has proven herself trustworthy with the furniture and she plays very well with the resident dog.  She is fine around the resident cats, with supervision.  She is very gentle, but exuberant; she very mindful of her teeth but not so much of her body.  She loves her humans and loves to be close to them.  This makes her perfect for cuddling on the couch but may be a bit overwhelming for toddlers.
She is a great dog with lots of puppy energy and needs a firm hand.  Though she will charm you with her cute face and gorgeous eyes, make no mistake; she is extremely intelligent and therefore requires consistency – she'll learn undesired behavior as quickly as desired behavior.
Viv would do well in a family that can keep her active – 30 – 60 minutes of play time, a medium to long walk, or a run several times a week will keep her energy focused.  If you are interested in agility training, Viv is the dog!  She has the energy, temperament and smarts to excel!

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