Male – 8 months old

Hi! My name is Beaker, and I was named after the Muppets character! I don't look or act anything like the Muppet, but my foster mom thought the name was too cute to resist! I must say, I think it suits me rather well – Beaker's are used for science, and I am quite smart if I say so myself. I have already learned to sit, and also to wait patiently until my foster humans set my food bowl down all the way before I chow down. I absolutely LOVE to eat, so I enjoy learning new tricks because it means that I get lots of treats! I am also still working on my potty training, but have gotten really good really quickly according to my foster mom. 

I have quite a bit of energy, and really enjoy playing with toys and chewing on my foster humans shoes – though they often scold me for doing that (apparently it isn't appropriate, I just think it's so fun!). That being said, I have caught onto the word "NO" and understand that it means I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to. Though I do love a good play session, I also like snuggling up with my foster humans and taking a long nap, especially if there are some cozy blankets or a soft bed involved. I currently live with 3 foster dog siblings, and I LOVE to play with them. I have even met a few cats… but my foster mom said that I was a bit too excited about the cats – something I can improve upon with a little help from a human, I think!

My ideal forever home would have people in it that want a buddy to take everywhere, since I love to go on adventures and meet new people and animals! I think it would be pretty fun to have an animal sibling, but I think that I'd enjoy being the center of attention too. I haven't met any kids yet, but my foster mom thinks that I would do great with them because I love to play, but am also very gentle. Do you think I could be the right fit for you!?

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