Female – 8 months old

Hi, my name is Star, my foster mom named me Scamp but once my foster dad saw the Star on my chest it was a done deal. I like Star better anyways. It's a light that shines in the dark.

I'm happy I got into foster care it gives me a chance to catch my breath and learn to trust again. Trust is hard. I find myself trusting my foster mom and dad. They think I'm funny, smart and Mom says, "I should have been a cat.” I like to climb and twine myself around those people I trust.

I love playing with my foster brother, he's a two-year-old pittie mix. At first he scared me, all I could do was hide, but now I'm being brave and grabbing his back legs to get him to play with me. It's fun when I can surprise him.

I'm really good at being in my kennel at night so long as can see everyone. My foster mom's really proud of me. She says, "not every puppy is as smart as me and is house trained in less than two weeks.” (She also says not to be upset if I have accidents at my forever home because I'm smart and will figure it out.)

I've been thinking about my forever home. My foster mom says it's important to be specific in what I want. I'd like a house with an introverted child. I'd like a house with an easy-going dog or a laid-back cat. I'd like a home where it's ok to climb on the furniture and look out windows. I'd like a house where my people will give me space to work on my trust and courage. I'll think on it some more as I become more comfortable here at my foster parents.

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