Female – 8 months old

Hi, my name is Jadzia! I’m a silly girl who loves to run, hop and dance around. Although I’m short for my age, I can still run super-fast! My foster mom says I’m the perfect size. I have adorable floppy ears and a super cool spotted belly and paws too!

I’ve gotten good at going potty outside. The only accidents I’ve had is when my foster mom doesn’t notice me asking to go outside fast enough. Oops! I am learning to be more comfortable in my kennel. I don’t really like going in there… because I would much rather be with my humans, but I still don’t complain much. Plus, I get a treat when I go in there! Yum!

I really love learning new things. I’ve never been to any training classes before, but I think I would be good at them. It would be fun to go with my forever family! Right now, I’m working on name recall and how to dance for a cookie. Oh! And I already know how to sit.

Humans are so much fun, and I love being around them. I have never been around tiny humans before but I’m gentle, so I think we would be best friends. I have a few fur siblings in my foster home – which is a lot of fun. I live with a few fluffy creatures that got potty in a box. The humans call them cats. I get really excited when I see them and want to play… but they don’t seem interested. I wish they knew I just wanted to be their friend. I also have a big foster brother – I’m told he’s a puppy like me! We are best buddies. I love to snuggle and play with him. My favorite is when we play chase.

I am the best dog in the world because I’m smart and I love to play – especially with bones and balls! I’m the perfect combination of silly and sweet and nothing makes me happier than getting attention from my humans.

Jadzia is sponsored by
MN Muskies Softball (TCGSL)

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