Female – 8 years old

Hi, I’m Bella!

I might be eight years old, but don't let that fool ya. I can still play like those youngsters! I love to be outside, play fetch, and go for walks! If you throw the tennis ball for me, I will quickly bring it back so we can do it all over again (and again… and again)! I like to think I have many loveable traits. When It's time to play, I’m always up to the task. But I also enjoy being lazy around the house, laying in the sun or cuddling with my people.

I am potty trained, know basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, drop it (for fetch), and I can even shake with both paws! I do very well in my kennel all day while my people are at work.

When it comes to eating, I’m a lady and I don’t scarf my food like some pups. I will eat when I feel hungry, not on a schedule.

I’m often called a good guard dog, but I don't know why. I guess it might because of my loud voice when people come to the door, but honestly I’m just really excited to see who is here. I always calm down once they are in the house and settled in. To be totally honest, I just want them to take me out back so we can play fetch again!

I live in a home with two big people, a little person, and a cat. I love the affection of my people and I even find time to play with the cat.

Several years back, I was diagnosed with separation anxiety and have been on medication since, so I will need assistance taking it when I wake up and before bed. I’ll let you in on a little secret, pop my pill in a half slice of cheese and I will be begging you for the second half of that cheese slice.

While my people are away, I prefer to be in my bed (kennel). As soon as I hear that door open when they get home, I can hardly contain my excitement. I hoot and holler, and my tail can’t stop wagging! When my people let me out of my bed (kennel), I can’t help but run in circles all the way to the door!

I like my bed so much, that I usually sleep in there at night. Sometimes though, when my people are sound asleep, I find my way downstairs to sleep on the couch….. shhh don’t tell!

I love being by my people’s side, whether that is lounging in the house, working in the yard, going on walks or out on camping trips. I will even sleep in a tent with you!  Please don’t leave me alone in your house, as I will get nervous. If you do have to leave me alone for any length of time, I do enjoy going back to my bed (kennel), as it is my safe place.

I hope that my new forever home will have people around often, so we can cuddle and play. Family who can bring me with on their travels so I can explore alongside them. A family who understands my separation anxiety, and can work with me through stressful situations. My anxiety means you might have to ease me in to new situations from time to time because I can get nervous easy. Most of all I just want a home that can give me all the love I deserve and in return I will give you my heart.

I look forward to meeting you soon!



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Sara B.

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