Female – 8 months old

Hi there! My name is Queenie and I would like to find a castle to call my own. I am adventurous pup and I love to discover new things. My most recent discovery are these four-legged creatures that hop around in my yard. I like to chase them around and try to hop as high as they can!

I love all things, but I especially love toys! My favorite toys are Nylabones. I love to chew on those. I also love food. I do a little dance when it’s time to eat because I get SO excited. I am working really hard on sitting still and waiting. I am also learning how to go potty outside!

I currently have 2 foster siblings – a cat and a dog. I am best friends with my cat foster brother, and I love to play tag with my dog foster sister! When I’m not playing, you can find me taking a snooze on the floor. I don't mind being in my kennel. I go there during the day and occasionally to sleep at night. I would much prefer to snuggle with my person or siblings though.

I can't wait to meet you!

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