Male – 8 months old

Hi There! My name is Jimmy. I’m a sweet baby boy with adorable floppy ears. I have dark brown eyes and unique brindle coloring that makes me look like a tiger! I was born in Alabama and I travelled all the way to Minnesota in hopes of finding my forever family – is that you?! I love to play – especially with my toys. My favorite toys are the ones that crinkle and squeak!

I am learning lots in my foster home – like how to go potty outside like a big boy and I’m so close to being potty trained. Wohoo! I enjoy hanging out in my crate – but will pout for the first few minutes of going in there because I would much rather be with you! I sleep in my crate at night and pretend it’s a cave. Do all tigers sleep in caves? Cause this one does! I am working hard on name recall, sit and stay. I would love to go to training classes when I’m grown. I love learning new things and being around other dogs! Plus, I hear you get lots of treats and I love treats!

I currently live with a tiny human who’s one-year-old. I love him so much! I like to crawl around on him and give him lots of kisses. I also live with a Pitbull. He is much bigger than I am, but I still really love him. We go on walks and play fetch together. My favorite is when we play hide and seek – I hide under the bed or the coffee table and the big dog tries to find me! I love playing with other dogs and making new friends.

My dream forever home is one that will love me as much as I love them. One that is active and will take me on walks and show me the world. I would also love to have a tiny human to grow up with in my forever home, or another dog to play with.

So, why should you adopt me? Well for starters, look at how cute I am! How could you say no to this face? Not to mention I have a very big heart that’s filled with love for my humans. I would do anything to make them happy. I’m a smart boy and I get along great with both kids and dogs.

I can’t wait to meet my forever family – and who knows, it could be you!


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