Female – 9 months old

Hi There! I’m Merona – a perfectly black pup with a super sweet face. I’m a southern belle at heart – coming to Minnesota with my siblings to find our forever homes! I’m an independent gal who loves to go on adventures. I can be a bit shy at first when meeting new people, but it doesn’t take long for me to start giving out kisses. I’m also easily startled, but like to act real tough afterwards – my foster mom thinks it’s adorable.

Not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty much a ROCK STAR when it comes to potty training. I haven’t had a single accident in my kennel and have only peed in the house a few times (all of which were my foster mom’s fault because I kept telling her I had to go potty but she didn’t listen). When I need to go potty I go to the door so that my humans know it’s time to go. I am kennel trained and actually enjoy hanging out in there. I sleep in the kennel at night and hangout in there during the day when the humans are away. I LOVE learning new tricks, especially when I get treats and praise. I have learned so many commands so far like come, sit, down, watch me, high five, place and kennel. This week I am learning how to stay and walk nicely on a leash. I’m a smart girl and like trying new things so I hope my forever family brings me to training classes someday!

I do like meeting new people, even though I’m shy at first. I’ve met a bunch of kids (elementary – high school) and I like them, especially when they let me kiss their face. I get along great with other dogs. I have a big pittie sister in my foster home – I like her, but when she gets excited and wants to play she becomes loud and intense, which is a bit overwhelming for a little puppy like me! Once she calms down, I love to play with her, especially when we play tug, chase each other in the backyard and wrestle. I may be small, but don’t let that fool you – I’m definitely not submissive when playing with other dogs. I also enjoy playing by myself with my toys. My favorite toys are bones and ropes!

I am the very best dog in the whole work because I’m a little bit of everything. I’m sweet and spicy; shy and friendly; playful and laid back; independent and social. I like to learn and try new things – PLUS, I’m already crate and potty trained. I mean, c’mon! Not every puppy can say that?!? My dream forever family is one where there is lots of love with humans that will play fun games with me, but that will also snuggle with me after the end of a busy day.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I am so excited to meet my forever family. I know they are out there somewhere!


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