Female – 11 months old

Hello! My name is Emmy and I love new friends. I live with three doggy friends and two people friends, but I try to make new friends every day! I like to play and be silly all day long. I have a lot of energy to share and use it to play, wrestle, and explore. I recently discovered how much fun I can have going on walks and I absolutely would love a forever friend that would take me on some really fun adventures.  I can imagine spending a ton of time outside with my forever friend, exploring new places, going on long walks and even going for runs or swimming! (I haven’t tried swimming yet, but it sure sounds fun).

Treats and toys are my favorite and I like to learn new things, so I can eat more treats. I know how to sit, lie, walk well on leash, and can come when I'm asked. I am fully potty trained, and house trained.  I spend my time during the day in a kennel, it’s an ok place, but I still make some noise when I’m in there by myself.  If I ever get in trouble (which is always a big if), I flash a smile and stick my ears up realllllll tall to convince my people it's ok. They fall for it every time.  Chumps!

I’m starting basic obedience training next week and I can’t wait! I’m good out in public, I love breweries and just spending time with new people and new friends!  Oh, and I love kitties, they are fun playmates.  I listen to the rules they set because I don’t want a paw in the face!

Before I let you go, I wanted to share a little bit about my backstory (now that I’m a little older, I’m comfortable to share).  When I was a puppy, my litter mates attacked me and hurt me pretty good.  I didn’t do anything to them, it was pretty scary.  I was surrendered to a local animal hospital in Indiana where I needed a hernia surgery and 4 weeks of recovery time.  It was a really tough time, but it’s made me a better pup.  I’m fully recovered now, but I did want all my future friends to know a little bit about my past.  It hasn’t changed me, I still love dogs and can’t wait to find my forever home.

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