Male – 9 months old

Hello friends! My name is Champ! I am a handsome boy and I’m looking for my forever family – is that you? I am doing very well with my new foster family. I currently love with 3 kids ranging from 5 to 14 and I LOVE them! They are so much fun. I hope my forever family has some tiny humans that I can play with. I love to play, especially in the backyard. My favorite game to play is tag but I also love when my tiny humans throw the ball for me. At night when we are all tired out, I love to snuggle in bed and get belly rubs.

I’m a goofy guy and I LOVE splashing around in the kitty pool. Water is SO much fun. I love running through the water and throwing it up in the air. Who knew it would be so much fun to get all wet.

 I am working hard on my manners and potty training and love when I get lots of praise and treats as a reward for my good behavior. Did I mention that I LOVE my treats!!! Oh boy, they are so great! I typically sleep in my kennel and I do well in there but I really love it when my foster sister lets me sleep in her bed. I just love snuggling in next to her. When my family leaves, I do need to hang out in my kennel. I’m still a puppy so I find lots of things fun to play with in the house that are not toys so it is just safer for me.

My dream forever family is one that will love me forever. I hope they have a pool that I can play with (a kitty pool will do just fine) and some tiny humans to play with. I have lots of love and giggles to offer to my forever family. I can’t wait to meet you!

Champ is sponsored by
Tracy P.
in honor of Kristy Dedon and SAB alum Ziva


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