Female – 7 months old

Hi there! My name is Reeses. I am a sweet baby girl who travelled all the way from Alabama in hopes of finding my forever family here in Minnesota! I am mostly tan and white but if you look closely enough, you will see a little bit of brown striping in my tan spots and a black spot on my tail. I am told that I have the most beautiful hazel eyes, so beware… you’ll probably fall in love with me.

I am learning SO much in my foster home and I am currently working hard on potty training. I get treats when I go potty outside, so I’m trying to do that all the time – because I love treats! I am also working on kennel training. I hang out in my kennel at bedtime and when my humans leave the house.  I don’t really like it, but I am getting used to it. So far, I know how to “sit” and my foster mom is trying hard to get me to “come” when she calls my name. Sometimes I do it, but sometimes there are more interesting things happening!

I am a friendly pup and I LOVE meeting new friends. I especially love meeting tiny humans – they give me lots of kisses and treats. I’m not sure what a cat is… but hopefully I meet one soon because I know we would get along great! I have 2 fur siblings in my foster home – a brother and a sister! They are a few years older than I am, so they are showing me all the things we can and cannot do around the house. I have so much fun playing with my foster siblings, especially my sister! She likes to wrestle with me, which is fun but I like chasing her around the yard. When she’s laying down, I like to run up and jump on her! I get her every time!

When I’m not playing with my fur siblings, I’m playing with my toys. My favorite toy is my crinkly stuffed owl, but I truly love all toys. The more toys the better. I especially love the ones that squeak! I could just run around and squeak those things all day. Oh! I also like to chase balls… can’t forget about those.

Paws down, the most exciting time of day is meal time! My favorite thing to do is to eat. I get SO happy when eating my food that I wag my tail SO fast. It makes my foster mom laugh, which makes me happy. I also get very excited to see my humans when I wake up in the morning and when they get home from work.

My dream forever family is one that is active and likes to be outside. We would go on lots of walks, explore new places and snuggle. I would LOVE to have a sibling in my forever home that I can romp in the yard with. There would also be lots of toys and treats. But most importantly, my dream forever family will love me as much as I love them.

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