Female – 7 months old

Hi, my name is Spree! I’m an all-white pup with a couple of tiny brown dots and pretty green eyes. My foster mom thinks I am the perfect combination of cute and sassy. Like a typical puppy, I love to eat, sleep and play. I love meeting new people and all my fur friends. I absolutely love kitties and puppies – both big and small!

I am learning so much at my foster home and my humans always tells me how smart I am. Since I am a little girl, I am still learning how to go potty outside and I sometimes forget to let my foster mom know while I am busy playing. I sleep in my kennel at night and I’m content in there when no one is home. I whine a little bit at first, but I get better every day and when I get let out I am so excited to see my humans – I can’t contain my kisses! I love people big and small and can’t get enough attention.

I have started to catch on to “sit” because I love treats and I want my humans to be proud of me. When I am not snuggling up on a lap or in the crock of my human’s neck, I am playing with my fur sister. We can play non-stop, but if she is resting, I run around and play with my toys to occupy myself. I am quickly learning what “no” means as sometimes am I thief. I love to steal anything especially shoes, but I don’t destroy them, I just hide them.

I have met a couple small humans and I have learned that I need to be very gentle around them. I love playing with them and giving them plenty of kisses. I hope my future home has another fur friend for me to play with and I wouldn’t mind some room to run around as I love chasing after others.

I love to learn new things and pick up on them quickly so I would really love if my new family would bring me to classes. So, if you love to cuddle and can have a good time, I am your gal!

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