Female – 7 months old

Hi – I’m Hershey! I’m a southern belle, originally from Alabama. I came to Minnesota with my littermates in hopes of finding our forever homes. My best characteristic are my eyes! Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful they are. I have a mostly white coat with adorable brown patches and a cute short tail that I wag so hard my whole body wiggles.

I’m in the process of being potty trained and I’m learning how to let my humans know when I need to go outside. I am also working on kennel training – which I don’t always love because I get lonely in there. But… I’m starting to understand that my kennel is a pretty cool place to hang out and rest. My foster mom is teaching me a bunch of new tricks like: sit, down, place and walking nicely on a leash. I love learning new things, especially when it makes my humans happy!

I enjoy meeting new people and making friends – I just love everyone and everything! My foster mom says I am the sweetest girl – ever. She’s fostered lots of pups before me, but I’m her favorite. I haven’t met any tiny humans yet, but I already know I’ll love them and give them lots of kisses. I have a big pittie sister in my foster home and she’s the greatest. When I first saw her, I was SO scared. She has a very loud voice… but it didn’t take long for us to become besties. I love playing with my foster sis, but when we aren’t playing, I’m usually trying to steal her bone. 

My dream forever family will love me until forever and give me lots of snuggles. I’d love to have a furry friend to cuddle and play with. I love to explore and go on new adventures, so I’d love an active family… but I also one that loves to snuggle up for a quiet night of Netflix.

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