Male – 3 years old

Hi! My name is Bambam. I am a gentle and loving boy, who gets along great with everyone. I’m a handsome pup – with big fat head, perky ears and a very expressive face. I love to wag my tail and I have puppy eyes that are irresistible to all humans. I’m a goofy pup, so hopefully you like to laugh. I love to do the frog sprawl when I lay down. It may look silly, but I promise it’s comfortable. I also taught myself how to play fetch alone, although I do like it better when someone else plays with me. I’m a bit of a freeze baby… I like to burrow under all the covers at night and sleep by my human’s feet.

I love getting attention and making my humans proud. I can sit, stay, shake and lay down. I am learning to stay calm when visitors come to the house and working on not jumping when I make new human friends. I am fully potty trained – no accidents for this dude! I am also completely kennel trained. Just tell me when it’s time to get into my kennel and I’ll head right inside. I do enjoy listening to a little music while I’m in my kennel though.

As I mentioned before, I get along great with everyone. I love tiny humans! My previous owner had three-year-old twins that I loved and adored. I made sure I was very gentle when playing with them. I enjoy having dog friends to play with. I am typically submissive when first meeting a new dog, then I like to play rough. If a dog doesn’t like how I play, they let me know and I adjust my behavior.

My dream forever family is one that is active with kids! I love to play, play, play then cuddle up with my humans when it’s time for a snooze. I am most excited when going on walks or playing with my tiny humans or doggie friends. My dream day consists of a walk, lots of play time and a few good cuddling sessions.

So, what do you say? Do you have room in your heart for a loveable dude like me?

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