Male – 4 years old

Hi! My name is Jed and boy, what I wouldn’t give for a good belly rub right about now! I sure love getting pets and kisses from humans – especially the little ones, once I get to know them. I grew up in a house with little humans, so I hope I get to live with one (some) again! My foster mom says I am a blend between a hippo, because of my short & stocky grey bod, and a bunny rabbit, because I have one straight and one floppy ear. Hippo + Bunny Rabbit = Snuggle Magnet. I like to show excitement with a bop of the nose. Turn our lots of things open when you bop them hard enough… kennels, doors, gates… my foster humans finally caught on and hand to put in some reinforcements to make sure my bop gets stopped. They say it’s to keep me safe… but I’m just ready for my next adventure.

I grew up in a loving home but my humans had little humans and things got busy! My previous humans thought I deserved a family that would spend more time with me, so here I am. I am both potty and kennel trained and I LOVE learning new tricks. I want to learn all of them. If you can teach it – I can learn it. I am the sitting champion. Tell me to sit and stay and I’ll stay put for over 10 seconds without you having to say it again. Ask any pup, that’s patience! I’m also great with “get down”, “lay down” and “roll over”. Just PLEASE pet my tummy when you have me roll over. It’s my favorite.

I love little humans. When I meet a new little human outside on my walks, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. I have lived with a handful of kitties in my last house. They were cool. Right now, I’m living with a foster dog sister who I think is super cool. We love to run and chase each other in the backyard. After a few weeks of practice, we are now good at sharing our bones. We also took some time to learn how to share a snuggle, but now we are besties.

My favorite toys are bones… unless there is a tennis ball option, then I choose the ball. Some of my favorite hobbies include: running off leash in the backyard, going for a walk in the neighborhood, tug-of-war, and SWIMMING. I love swimming. I am always ready for an adventure and love trying new things. I would make a great companion for you because I enjoy following my humans around but I can be independent too.

My dream forever family would be a family that values their connection with their doggies – both physically and emotionally. I really want to be pet and talked to. I just want attention from my humans and for them to make me feel special. I hope my forever family finds me soon so I can show them what a good pup I am!

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Jessica H.
in honor of Sophie and Tucky

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